Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents


Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest (COI) in research exists in any situation where there is potential divergence been the Researcher's personal interests and his or her obligations to the University.

A COI may be perceived, real, or potential.

  1. Real Conflict of Interest occurs when a private interest that is known to the researcher interferes with their responsibilities to the university.
  2. Perceived Conflict of Interest exists when a reasonably well-informed person could have a reasonable apprehension that a COI exists.
  3. Potential Conflict of Interest is one that could develop into an actual COI. The potential for Conflict of Interest exists when the researcher can foresee that they have a private interest that may be sufficient to influence a University related duty or responsibility in the future.

Please review MRU's Conflict of Interest in Research Policy (POL 960-15.1) for more information.

Any potential or perceived Conflict of Interest must be immediately disclosed by the Researcher(s) involved. Failure to do so constitutes misconduct and may be pursued under the University's policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship (POL 585-2).