Student Human Research Ethics Committee (SHREC)

Applications for course-based research reviewed by the Student Human Research Ethics Committee (SHREC).

SHREC reviews take approximately three weeks to get an initial review response.

Deadlines for submitting applications for course-based ethics review:
December 4 (Winter)
April 8 (Spring)
September 2 (Fall)
Course-based application process


1. Login to ROMEO.

o To create a new account, Check the ROMEO user guide for further instructions.

2. Complete the SHREC application in ROMEO and submit.

o Use the Attachment Tab to upload consent forms, ethics training certificate and other materials associated with your application.

o You will not be receiving a confirmation number after submitting the application.

3. Your application will be sent to your Department's signing authority (e.g., Dean) for approval.

4. Once your application is signed, it will be sent to the Compliance Officer. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you stating that the application has been received and is undergoing initial screening.

o The initial screening process will take approximately 3-10 days depending on the volume of received applications.

o If the received application is incomplete, you will receive an email from the Compliance Officer asking for clarification (e.g., please send a consent form with your application).

5. Once the screening process is complete and the Compliance Officer's concerns have been addressed, the Compliance Officer will send the application out for review to one or two people.

o The default is a blind review process, but it is possible that reviewers will identify themselves.

Please see the HREB webpage for information on training opportunities.