Research and Scholarship Days

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    March 25 - April 5

Research and Scholarship Days at Mount Royal 

Research is about breaking boundaries, testing the limits of knowledge, applying expertise for a greater good, and changing the world around us for the better. Change. Research is inherently connected to change, as a researcher shapes the future through their work. Every researcher is a Changemaker, and as a Changemaker campus, Mount Royal is dedicated to celebrating research excellence and how our students and faculty contribute. 


Change can also affect research itself. The way it is performed, how research changes across disciplines, and how it is disseminated. During Research and Scholarship Days let's celebrate the change that is both enacted and experienced through the research process. Join Mount Royal from March 25 to April 5 to acknowledge the research excellence demonstrated by undergraduate students and faculty across all disciplines. Students beginning their changemaking journeys will demonstrate their knowledge and inspire the changemakers of tomorrow. 


Please seek out our info pages if you want to participate as a student or faculty member. Students have various opportunities to disseminate research projects they have worked on through coursework or independent projects. Faculty have various volunteer opportunities available to them and can always help inspire students by integrating research into their course materials. See the events page for a full list of events offered during Research and Scholarship Days. 



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Let’s celebrate research at Mount Royal!