2023-24 Domestic Tuition Fee Schedule - Fall/Winter

2023-24 Domestic Tuition Fee Schedule - Fall/Winter

This fee schedule applies to students who are Canadian citizens, or have Permanent Resident status within Canada, over the period enrolled at Mount Royal University.

Mount Royal University collects fees accessed by SAMRU. Any questions regarding SAMRU fees should be addressed to their office.

Student Tuition
 Full course fee11/2 course fee21/4 course fee3
Tuition total4$662.38$331.19$165.60
Student Tuition - Program Specific
 Full course fee11/2 course fee21/4 course fee3
Bachelor of Interior Design$725.91$362.96$181.48
Bachelor of Communication (Broadcast Media)$725.91$362.96$181.48
Bachelor of Business Administration (all majors)$712.05$356.02$178.01
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems$685.31$342.66$171.33
Bachelor of Science (all majors)$685.31$342.66$171.33
Bachelor of Nursing$688.23$344.12$172.06
Program Specific Fees
 Full-time fee5Part-time fee6
Bachelor of Communication - Broadcast Media program fee$996.16$660.10
Bachelor of Interior Design - program fee$900.15$600.09
Bachelor of Social Work - program fee$280.42$185.08
Non-credit Work Experience / Co-operative Education Tuition
 Per course
Per course fees$634.67
Professional development course fee$317.32
Co-op education preparation course fee$317.32
General Fees (mandatory)
 Full-time fee5Part-time fee6
Recreation & Athletics$140.04$70.02
Insurance (rate subject to change)$2.25$0.65
Student Services fee (fees apply per semester)$397.05$198.53
Universal Bus Pass (UPass) ($160 Fall 2023, $165 Winter 2024)10$162.50N/A
Other Fees (mandatory)
 Full-time fee5Part-time fee6
SAMRU - General and Operating 7$94.46$45.16
SAMRU - Health 8$75.05N/A
SAMRU - Dental 8$85.27N/A
SAMRU - Scholarship 7$3.00$3.00
SAMRU - Capital Campaign Fund 7$40.00$24.00
The Reflector Student Newspaper 9$7.25$3.63


  1. Full course = course worth 2 to 5 credits. Courses greater than 5 credits will be charged at the multiple level of full course fee. (e.g. a course with an academic credit value of 6 will be charged two times the full course fee).
  2. 1/2 course = 1.5 credit course.
  3. 1/4 course = course worth 1 or fewer credits.
  4. Tuition includes instructional equipment and lab fees.
  5. Full-time fees apply to those enrolled in three or more full courses.
  6. Part-time fees apply to those enrolled in two or fewer full courses.
  7. Students' Association Fee - collected by MRU on behalf of SAMRU.
  8. Students' Association Fee - collected by MRU on behalf of SAMRU. Students with comparable health/dental benefits coverage from another source may receive a refund of this fee by opting out of the student plan. For more information visit SAMRU.ca or the Student Health Network office in Wyckham House.
  9. The Reflector fees are levied separately by The Reflector Society, an autonomous student newspaper on campus. The fees are collected by SAMRU and forwarded through an agreement with The Reflector Society.
  10. This is an average of both the Fall and Winter U-Pass fee

Last updated: 2023-Oct-02