EDI Opportunity Fund

MRU is committed to fostering a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, and to make a significant impact, we need your help. The EDI Opportunity Fund provides financial support of up to $15,000 to propel initiatives that identify and remove systemic barriers on campus. 

Students, faculty, and staff at Mount Royal University are engaged in discussions about how the University can improve, better support and represent equity-deserving groups. The EDI Opportunity Fund supports initiatives, large and small, that aim to advance EDI at MRU.

The Fund

Applications for funding of initiatives or projects up to a maximum of $15,000 will be considered. If an initiative requires an amount that exceeds the $15,000 maximum allocation, the applicant must provide details on how the remaining funds will be secured.

*As of the Fall 2023 semester, the maximum allocation of the EDI Opportunity Fund will be $10,000.

Who can apply for this fund?

The EDI Opportunity fund is available to current MRU students, faculty, staff and administrators. Applicants may apply as individuals, groups, or on behalf of a faculty or department at MRU (with approval from senior administration). 

What can this fund be used for?

Get creative and think of ways you and/or your department can contribute to EDI on campus. This fund can be used as financial support for a guest speaker, curriculum changes, special events, training, creative showcases, space enhancements that incorporate universal design, and so much more. 

The EDI Opportunity Fund is available to support:

  • new initiatives;
  • enhancement of existing programs, services, and offerings;
  • updated features or redesign of spaces and physical resources for better accessibility;
  • workshops or training on campus that would be available to students, faculty, staff, and administrators free of charge;
  • guest speakers who specialize in areas of interest not covered by the expertise of MRU faculty and staff; 
  • student research initiatives that centre EDI and/or contribute to related on-campus opportunities; and
  • activities or items that would enhance the curriculum.

The EDI Opportunity Fund cannot be used to support ongoing budget items or individual attendance, or professional development opportunities.

What am I responsible for if my application is approved?
EDI Opportunity Fund recipients are expected to implement their proposed initiative in a timely fashion and submit a final report to the Associate Vice-President Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on the outcome no later than four weeks following completion. The final report should outline the initiative’s accomplishments, impact analysis and accounting of actual expenditures vs. budget.

The Application Process

Step 1

Review all details listed here to ensure you and the proposed project meet eligibility requirements.

Step 2

Prepare a project proposal to submit with your application. This is a requirement for your application to be reviewed and must include the following information:

Purpose and objectives: the purpose or rationale and intended objectives/outcomes of the project.

Intended significance and impact: the anticipated impact of the project on fostering a culture of equity and inclusion. If applicable, the proposal should indicate how the impact can be sustained or scaled beyond the funding year.

Alignment with institutional goals: describe how the project aligns with and advances institutional priorities related to EDI. 

Assessment of expected outcomes: a plan to assess the impact and a deliverable(s) that showcases how the funds were used and the outcome in its entirety. 

Project work plan and timeline: a timeline of milestones that address the lifecycle of the work and anticipated completion.

Detailed budget: a breakdown of expenses and all the resources (financial and non-financial) that will be required. Applications should also include information on sources of additional funding if the proposed budget exceeds the maximum fund allocation.

Step 3

 Complete the application form using an @mtroyal.ca email address. There is a section where a .pdf version of the Project Proposal can be attached.

We are committed to reducing barriers throughout the application process. To make an accommodation request, please get in touch with the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by emailing edi@mtroyal.ca.


Application deadlines

Applications will be reviewed in phases during the academic year. The deadlines for each review period are as follows:

  • Spring 2024 deadline —  April 29, 2024 for projects taking place in Spring/Summer or across multiple terms up to March 31, 2025
  • Fall 2024 deadline — August 26, 2024 for projects taking place in Fall term
  • Winter 2025 deadline — December 16, 2024 for projects taking place in Winter term, up to March 31, 2025

If this form is open, feel free to submit it even if the deadline has passed. This means your application will be reviewed during the following review period.

Frequently Asked Questions