Vice-President, Students


Phil Warsaba, Vice-President, Students joined Mount Royal University in 2011 and, over time, his portfolio has evolved to include Enrolment Services, International Education and Student Affairs.

Phil’s extensive experience in strategic enrolment management and services for students has been honed through teaching and research roles, as well as through administrative and senior management positions, at Carleton University and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Phil holds a Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honours) in English Language & Literature and Linguistics & Applied Language Studies (1999) and a Master of Arts in Applied Language Studies (2004) from Carleton University. A recipient of the 2017/18 Mount Royal University Distinguished Administrator Award, Phil is unwaveringly committed to transformative change and to fostering a sustainable campus life environment that supports the satisfaction and success of students, staff and faculty.


Associate Vice-President, Student Experience and Success
Chris Rogerson

University Registrar & Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management
Geri Lynn Gouglas


Our Services

The focus of the Students division is to serve and support the academic and non-academic growth and development of students. Our strength is in our approaches to peer-to-peer learning and student leadership by empowering students to work collaboratively with service areas and other students to grow holistically as individuals.


Students Division Graphic


International Education

  • Development and implementation of internationalization efforts at MRU 
  • Institutional partnerships
  • Leads and supports internationalization initiatives
  • Facilitates student development through the delivery of study abroad opportunities and international student services


Enrolment Management

  • Enrolment services that support students from admission through graduation 
  • Influence course planning and delivery, curriculum approval, program and policy development, and Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM)


Student Experience & Success

  • Develops and delivers seamless integrated services that facilitate students’ transitions to university and that engage and support students throughout their studies  
  • Advocates for students' rights and responsibilities
  • Influences the campus' approach to, and support of, student mental health and student success  


Planning & Operations

  • Enhance the impact of all Students division departments 
  • Best practices and processes that support strategic objectives
  • Represents Division interests in complex multi-divisional projects