Meet Our Team

Patricia Pardo, PhD
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Claire Grant
Access Advisors
Determines appropriate protected ground academic accommodations and supports
Ann Wade, BA (Hons), M.Sc.
Janet Arnold, M.Sc., RSW, CT
Alicia Woloschuk, BA, M.Ed.
Juliana Walker, BA (Hons), M.Ed., M.Sc.
Michelle Dow

Assistive Technology Advisors
Educates registered students on available assistive technology
Sarah Callaghan
Robin Randall, BA, OLY, ChPC
Access Supports Co-ordinator
Facilitates student acedemic supports and funding requests
Debbie Mork
Academic Strategists
Assists students with disability related barriers with non-content based academic strategies

Rachel Meilleur
Gina Martino, B.Ed.
Paula Dibski, BA, B.Ed.
Tracie Czerkawski
Nic Robinson

Administrative Assistant
Front line contact for general Access and Inclusion information
Sarah Emery
Accommodated Exam Staff
Facilitates and implements accommodated exam related services

Exam Facilitator: Emily Endicott
Exam Scheduler: Geneva Desrosiers, BA
Accommodated Exam Assistant: Tracy Derynck


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