Meet Our Team

Meet our Team


Michelle M. Dow, Ed.D
Michelle M. Dow, Ed.D - Director
  • BA – Child Development
  • MA – Special Education; Deaf Education

Originally from the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, my journey to Calgary took me through Boston and New York City (NYC) where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Tufts University and my Master’s degree in Special Education/Deaf Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

After 9-11 I left NYC to live closer to family, which brought me to Calgary. In 2017 I completed my doctoral degree in Education Leadership at the University of Calgary. Over the course of my 22-year career as a teacher and Learning Leader in the K-12 system, I became very passionate about providing supports, accommodations, and advocating on behalf of students/families as well as supporting teachers in developing their practice to meet the needs of all learners.

I am motivated and inspired by collaboration and I am a strong believer in inclusive education. I value diversity and equity and working towards creating safe and caring spaces where others feel seen, heard, and respected. I believe that students have the greatest opportunity to thrive and be successful when stakeholders work together to remove barriers. When I am not working, I enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures or spending time outdoors.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Access and Inclusion Services team at MRU as Director and look forward to working with MRU staff and students.



Access Advisors

Determine the appropriate protected ground academic accommodations and supports


Ann Wade, BA (Hons), M.Sc.
Ann Wade, BA (Hons), M.Sc. - Access Advisor
  • M.Sc. School & Applied Child Psychology
  • Specialization in psycho-educational assessments and consultation

I am Ann Wade and I work in Access and Inclusion Services as an Access Advisor. I am originally from the Maritimes and moved to Calgary in 2006 where I completed my graduate degree in School & Applied Child Psychology at the University of Calgary. Before joining MRU, I spent 11 years (8 of which were as a Registered Psychologist) conducting psycho-educational assessments and helping children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, trauma, anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviour disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I am excited to apply what I learned in my previous career and expand upon it in my role as Access Advisor. My passion lies in connecting people to the appropriate tools to remove barriers to learning, helping others understand the impact of various conditions on academics and how reasonable accommodations allow for equitable access to education, and helping people develop the self-awareness and skills needed to find success, in whatever form that takes.

Janet Arnold, M.Sc., RSW, CT
Janet Arnold, M.Sc., RSW, CT - Access Advisor
  • M.Sc., Educational Psychology (Counselling)
  • Registered Social Worker

I am proud to be a second generation Calgarian and to have worked at Mount Royal University in a variety of positions. I have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology (Counselling), am a Registered Social Worker and Certified Thanatologist and have spent most of my career working in the mental health field.

I have been a Counsellor, and Acting Diversity and Human Rights Advisor. I am also a contract Faculty member and teach the psychology course "Topics in Death and Dying". I believe my involvement with a variety of areas across MRU helps me better understand the student experience.

I enjoy my role as an Access Advisor with Access and Inclusion Services. I love working with MRU students, Faculty, and staff in order to ensure that students who experience barriers to learning due to disability have an accessible and inclusive learning environment. My guiding principle is HOPE = Helping Other People Evolve. I love working with students to ensure that their experience at MRU is the best it can be!

Alicia Woloschuk, BA, M.Ed.
Alicia Woloschuk, BA, M.Ed. - Access Advisor
  • M.Ed. School & Applied Child Psychology
  • Specialization in psycho-educational assessments

I have been an Access Advisor in Access and Inclusion Services since 2014. Prior to taking on this role I completed a graduate degree in School and Applied Child Psychology at the University of Calgary. I have a background in conducting comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for children, youth, and adults, and I have experience with intervention and program planning for a wide range of learning, behavioural, and mental health related barriers.

Juliana Walker, BA (Hons), M.Ed., M.Sc.
Juliana Walker, BA (Hons), M.Ed., M.Sc. - Access Advisor
  • M.Ed. – Special Education
  • M.Sc. School & Applied Child Psychology

I am an Access Advisor here at MRU. Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (demonstrated by my accent), I moved to Victoria, B.C. in 2010 and then to Calgary in 2012 to further my own education. I attended The University of Victoria and received a Master’s of Education in Special Education, and The University of Calgary where I obtained my Master’s in School & Applied Child Psychology. Since then I became a Registered Psychologist completing psycho-educational assessments and helping individuals of various ages and with multiple diagnoses.

I became an Access Advisor as I wanted more involvement and understanding in the accommodation process. I enjoy building relationships with students in order to support them throughout their education. I have experience in developing accommodation plans, discussing funding options, problem solving accommodation-related concerns (with students and faculty), supporting student self-advocacy, and peer learning sessions. I am also a representative from our department working with the Iniskim Centre to support indigenous students in the accommodations process. I enjoy working at MRU as I believe it holds a ‘Small town community feel’ that reminds me of home.

Lauren King, BA, MHST

Lauren King, BA, MHST - Access Advisor

  • MHST – Health Studies
  • Specialization in Teaching/Education

Originally from Calgary, I moved to Victoria, BC, when I graduated from high school. There, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Health Education. I remained on the Island for several years, working with individuals with disabilities, and chronic and mental health conditions. Next, I moved to Limerick, Ireland. While there, I studied more and helped to grow a small not-for-profit organization that aimed to assist university students facing a variety of barriers to education. I returned to Calgary in 2019, and completed my master’s degree in Health Studies with a specialization in education, and a focus in disability. While studying and since, I have worked in addiction counselling, recreation, health/mental health, disability, and education.

I am enthusiastic about supporting students, as well as understanding and removing barriers to education. I am looking forward to integrating my experiences into my role as an Access Advisor to assist students in receiving equitable access to education.  

Assistive Technology Advisors

Educates registered students on available assistive technology


Sarah Callaghan

Sarah Callaghan - Assistive Technology Advisor

Hi, I'm Sarah Love Callaghan, Technology Advisor for Access and Inclusion Services with Mount Royal University. Let me introduce myself, I am an Islander who has been living in a landlocked province for almost 15 years. However, having the Rocky Mountains as my backyard makes up for not seeing the ocean! I may live in Calgary and love the mountains, but I call PEI home ;)

My journey working with students began almost 20 years ago when I was a student assistant with the Disability Services office at UPEI while I completed my Arts degree. Fast forward to 2007 when I took a big leap and moved across the country for a job that is now my career. I love working with people and my passion has always been to help others; my work at MRU combines both making it easy to stay with MRU and call it my second home.

Robin Randall, BA, OLY, ChPC

Robin Randall, BA, OLY, ChPC - Assistive Technology Advisor

  • BA – Political Science
  • OLY, ChPC – Water Polo

Hi there! I'm Robin, Assistive Technology Advisor at Access and Inclusion Services. 

I received my Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary while I was training and competing for Team Canada at the Olympic level. My experience there and at Mount Royal University has taught me how busy the life of a student can be, and that technology and resilience can help anyone achieve their goals. I'm very enthusiastic about helping folks overcome their barriers by leveraging simple and effective assistive technologies. 

Technology is a passion of mine, so if you are looking for the next great thing to upgrade your learning experience, please let me know. TVs, PCs, video games and more! I follow all the trends.

I'm an avid traveler and love a joke - tell me about your latest trip or share a laugh you've had, I'd love to hear about it :)

Access Supports Advisor

Advises student acedemic supports and funding requests


Chris Carolan, BA

Chris Carolan, BA - Access Supports Advisor

Hello there! My name is Chris, and I joined Access and Inclusion Services as an Assistive Technology Advisor in June 2023. Prior to this, I spent close to two decades in student support roles at the University of Calgary. I have long enjoyed helping students connect with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and I am happy to be able to continue this work with Access and Inclusion Services at Mount Royal University.
My own experience as a student was not without challenges, but in time I earned my BA English and two Continuing Education certificates from the UofC. Today I am also a published author, with one novel and a dozen short stories currently in print. I believe anyone can achieve their goals, but some of us just need some extra time or support to get there.

Access Supports Coordinator

Facilitates student acedemic supports and funding requests


Debbie Mork

Debbie Mork - Access Supports Coordinator

I have a background in nursing and have worked with students experiencing disability related barriers for twenty five years. For many years I worked with the Fort McMurray Public school board as an Educational Assistant with elementary, junior high and high school students. I later worked with Alberta Children’s Services as a Family and School Liaison Worker with junior high students and families in Fort McMurray, and the Metis communities of Conklin and Janvier.

As a born and raised Calgarian I was happy to return to Calgary and started working with MRU Access and Inclusion Services in 2007. I love working with the fantastic team as well as with the students and faculty we serve. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new students and helping them navigate the grant and funding process with Alberta Student Aid. I also step in to assist students, MRU staff and faculty with exam service and general Access and Inclusion Services information.

Academic Strategists

Assists students with disability related barriers with non-content based academic strategies


Paula Dibski, BA, B.Ed.

Paula Dibski, BA, B.Ed. - Academic Strategist

I have over 20 years experience working with students in the education field. Prior to coming to Mount Royal University, I taught at a school for students with Learning Disabilities and worked as an Education Consultant, assessing individual students with their Reading, Writing and Math skills. At MRU, I am an Academic Strategist who believes that every student has a unique pathway to finding their academic success. Using various tools and resources and utilizing a student-centered plan, students can see amazing results with hard work and a great attitude!

Tracie Czerkawski, BA (Hons)
Tracie Czerkawski, BA (Hons)
Hazel Erika Diaz, BCR
Hazel Erika Diaz, BCR

Accommodated Exam Team

Assists with the facilitation and scheduling of student's accommodated exams

Geneva Desrosiers, BA

Geneva Desrosiers, BA - Accommodated Exam Coordinator

Hi, I’m Geneva and I am happy to be a part of the Access and Mount Royal team. I am Calgary born and raised with a background in public education at the K-12 level, as well as coaching in sport. As a 2019 graduate with a personal and professional passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion, I have now been working with MRU for four years, assisting students with accessing accommodations.

With a breadth of knowledge from previous coaching and teaching opportunities, I am proud to apply those skills to being a part of students' growth and successes in their own career and personal pathways. I hope to bring a positive energy to the student learning experience, with my own unique flair of fun.