Registered Students

Registered students

After you have registered and have been approved for accommodations, the following services are available to you.


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Accessing Approved Accommodations

Accommodations are semester-specific. You must submit a Semester Request each semester to access your accommodations and to ensure they are current.

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Request Exam Seating

If you require exam accommodations such as additional writing time, exam breaks, use of adaptive technology or software, or alternate forms of print or digital materials, you will need to submit an exam seating request.

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Meet with an Academic Strategist

Meet with an Academic Strategist to help identify your learning strengths, challenges and goals. They will help you develop tools and strategies to reduce or remove barriers experienced in the learning environment.

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Peer Groups

Our peer groups provide an opportunity to connect with other students who share similar experiences and to hear from experts on navigating specific barriers or diagnoses.

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Assistive Technology

Meet with an Assistive Technology Advisor to learn about assistive devices and software designed to help reduce disability-related barriers.

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Student Financing


Canada Student Grant for Students Experiencing Disabilities

Students experiencing permanent, persistent, or prolonged disabilities, may be eligible for government grants. Funding eligibility is determined by provincial student aid and based on documentation from a licensed professional.

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Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Access and Inclusion Services will support you. Students are expected to be involved in the process and take responsibility for communicating their specific needs. Additionally, students are encouraged to work in collaboration with their Instructors. 

Student Rights

  • Access: all students have access to Mount Royal programs and services.
  • Confidentiality: all diagnostic documentation about your disability remains confidential within Access and Inclusion Services.
  • Appeal: Access Advisors assess the documentation of disability provided by you and determine what academic accommodation(s) will be recommended. You have the right to appeal these recommendations.

 Student Responsibilities

  • You will identify specific needs to Access and Inclusion Services
  • You will provide relevant, corroborated, current medical, psychoeducational or psychological documentation to Access and Inclusion Services
  • Each semester, you will communicate with your instructor(s) to provide them with a copy of your accommodation letter, to discuss how your accommodations will be applied given the design of the course, and to obtain faculty acknowledgement.
  • You are expected to pursue your studies with the same diligence required of all students and accept responsibility for your role in achieving program outcomes