Current Students

Steps after you are registered as a student:

  1. Register with Access and Inclusion Services and provide disability-related documentation:
    • For example, a psychoeducational assessment from a registered psychologist or a letter from your physician.
  2. Once we receive your online form we will contact you to book a conversation with an Access Advisor.
    • We will review the documentation you have provided.
  3. Make a Semester Request before the start of each semester.
    • Online request form
    • Wait 2-4 business days for your request to be approved.
    • Save your Accommodation Letter as a pdf - email them to your faculty for acknowledgement
  4. Meet with each of your Faculty Members in person to privately discuss your accommodations. Arrange a one to one meeting or see them during their office hours (refer to each course outline for Faculty Member contact information and office hours schedule).
  5. Ensure your faculty “reply all” to the Accommodation Letter email in order to acknowledge your conversation took place (ensuring Access & Inclusion Services is included -
  6. Proceed to request your accommodated exams.
  7. Access services and information via your Accommodate student portal

Services for eligible students experiencing disabilities:

  • Information for students transitioning from high school or transferring from another post-secondary institution
  • Assessment of needs based on documentation of disability
  • Screening for learning disorders
  • Assistance with applying for "Canada Student Loan for Students with Permanent Disabilities" grants
  • Academic accommodation memos for Professors
  • Accommodated exams
  • Assistive technology assessment and supports
  • Access supports coordination (note-takers, scribes, strategists, sign language interpreters)
  • Information about campus accessibility (physical access)
  • Mediation assistance
  • Disability-related coaching
  • Information about and referral to other student services

Eligibility for accommodations and services

Student rights and responsibilities

Helpful information

Informing your Faculty Members

Student Handbook - Accessing Your Accommodations and Requesting Exams

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A-Z list of Student Services

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