Eligibility and registration

Important information:

  • Registration over the summer months (May, June, and July) is essential for implementing academic accommodations before the start of fall classes. 
  • Once you have paid your MRU application fee, you can register with Access and Inclusion Services. 
  • If you wait to register with Access and Inclusion Services until you’ve been accepted by your academic program or until the fall semester has begun, there will be a delay in accessing your academic accommodations.

Step 1: Obtain documentation of disability

Documentation of disability is required to access our services. Please note: Unless you have another documented disability, we do not provide academic accommodations for test/exam anxiety or English as an additional language.

Step 2: Register with Access and Inclusion Services

Once you have obtained your documentation of disability or medical condition, register with Access and Inclusion Services by creating a public request. You will need to upload your documentation during the registration process.

July 26, 2024 is the last day to submit documentation for the Summer 2024 semester

Step 3: Meet with an Access Advisor

After we’ve received your information through the registration process, we will contact you to book a conversation with an Access Advisor. During your intake conversation, your Access Advisor will review your medical documentation, discuss your barriers/functional limitations, and the accommodations/supports required. The Access Advisor will also review the process for accessing your accommodations.


August 2, 2024 is the last day to meet with an Access Advisor and make changes to accommodations for Summer 2024 (subject to availibility)