Important Information
The deadline to submit requests is June 9, 2023

Common Situations that Do Not Qualify for Accomodation and Exception to Random Allocation


Before applying for a placement accommodation

BN students should familiarize themselves with the Requirements for Nursing Practice Experience section of the Academic Calendar and the Requisite Skills and Abilities for Becoming a Registered Nurse in Alberta .  This should be done well in advance of the start date of the course. Accommodations will not be granted for reasons covered by these requirements .

Of particular note, based on previous experience with student applications for exceptions, are the following:


Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from clinical practice sites and, in some cases, for travel that is part of completing clinical responsibilities during a clinical shift anywhere within the Calgary city limits. All travel and accommodation costs associated with practice experiences are the responsibility of the student. 

Conflict of Interest

Assignment to a site where you work will not be considered grounds for accommodation.

Interpersonal Conflict with an Instructor

The ability to manage conflict is one of the requisite skills and abilities for becoming a registered nurse in Alberta. Interpersonal conflict will not be considered grounds for an exception to random allocation.

Financial Situation  

Challenges with respect to the costs associated with the program - including transportation - are not grounds for an accommodation. Students are expected to take full responsibility for learning about, accessing, and taking advantage of loans, grants, scholarships, and other means of funding their education.

Fitness to Practice

Student accommodations and work accommodations are different. Students participating in clinical courses must at all times be “fit to practice” with reference to the Requisite Skills and Abilities for Becoming a Registered Nurse in Alberta


The “Nursing student request for exception to randomized allocation to clinical placement” form must be uploaded as part of the Access and Inclusion Public Request process.