Current Students

Reach out to your Academic Advisor or the Office of Student Success to ensure that you are accessing all of the available services that are here to support you. 

Thinking about planning for next year? The schedule of classes will be available in early March so you can start using your program planning guides and mruGradU8 to plan your courses. Your advisor is also a great resource for you in your planning process.


Program Planning

These guides provide an overview of all the courses that you will need to complete your program and are based on the most recent calendar curriculum. 

Switching your degree

Are you in Open Studies or are thinking about switching programs? This step-by-step guide will help you get registered before your check-in with your advisor.

Academic Support

When you’re successful, we’re successful. Get the most out of your education by accessing our academic support services.

Meet with your advisor

Advisors can help plan your academic progress, but it’s up to you as a student to come prepared for when you meet with your advisor. 


Track your program process, review your academic history and identify the requirements that are still needed for graduation.


It is important that you understand your academic plan and notify your advisor if your plans change throughout the year.