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Get the Most out of Your Degree

The resources linked on this page are curated to help you understand how to meet your degree requirements, optimize your courses, map your future goals and take advantage of the University experience.

Explore ways to personalize your educational experience by understanding majors, the benefits of adding a minor, maximizing your General Education courses. You will also find opportunities to explore the possibilities of both exchange and your career planning options. 

Meet my Requirements

Understand the components of your degree & the choices you have to make the most of your academic experience.

Optimize my courses

For every course that you can choose, make the best choice that will help you build the degree that fits your goals.

Make the most of it

Take advantage of your university experience through activities and experiences that will enrich your degree experience.

Map my future goals

Conversations about your future can help you identify the majors, minors/concentrations that will work in your favour.


Our degree audit tool helps you see how you are progressing through to graduation. Login to your mruGradU8 account through MyMRU > My Program. If you are working towards admission into a degree be sure to explore mruGradU8's 'What If' scenario.

Program planning guides are also available to assist you in understanding program requirements for your degree.


We're here to help!

Your Academic Advisors are ready and waiting to help you navigate through your program selection. Please reach out to us so we can help guide you through your educational plan.