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Information for Fall 2020 students will be available on March 2, 2020.

How to Use this Guide
This page offers advising and registration information to students who are new to a program and provides course suggestions for the first two semesters.

STEP 1: Follow the steps under the "You're accepted, now what?" section to help you reserve your seat and activate your account.

STEP 2: Find your program link from the list of programs included on this page.

STEP 3: Read this guide thoroughly and pay close attention to the first-year course recommendations for your major and General Education information. You will likely need to read this information more than once. Give yourself time to understand the information and prepare for registration.

STEP 4: Identify courses you would like to take based on the recommendations included in your program guide. You can use the Interactive Course Search to find brief course descriptions.

STEP 5: Start using the schedule of classes to plan and register in your courses. You can access the schedule of classes through your account, under the Register & Pay tab (Look Up Classes). Register early for the best course selection. For a complete overview of your program, consult mruGradU8.

Resource site for registration help you solve your registration issues:

Congrats! We're excited that you will be joining the Mount Royal Community. Now that you're accepted, find out what you need to do next.
  • Activate your MyMRU account: MyMRU is your online registration portal, fee payment system and one-stop information for all things Mount Royal.
  • Learn how to accept your offer: You can accept your offer (conditional or final) of admission using the Applicant tab in MyMRU.
  • Pay your $425 non-refundable Tuition deposit: This reserves your seat in your program and enables you to register for classes.
  • Learn how the course registration system works:
  • Read your program advising guide (choose your program link below) and find out what courses you need to take
It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program and graduation requirements. Your first-year course requirements are outlined in your program advising guide (choose your program link below).

Use the Academic Calendar to explore possible courses of interest and to check that you meet prerequisites. Then use the registration system to find out when courses are offered and to create your schedule.


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Program Advising Information for NEW students for Winter 2020

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