Tuition & Costs

Tuition and costs

Program costs

Mount Royal students are required to pay tuition and mandatory fees each semester they are in attendance. Depending on when you register for classes, your tuition and fees for the fall semester will be due in mid-August or early September. Winter semester fees are due in early January.

Here are the estimated program costs you can expect to pay for the academic year 2024/2025 (eight months) based on five courses per semester:

Expenses Living on Campus Living at Home Living off Campus
Tuition and Fees * $8,900 $8,900 $8,900
Books and Supplies** $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Residence/Rent *** $6,232 - $8,830 $0 $6,000 - $9,000
Food $3,000 $3,000 $3,000
Transportation Calgary Transit U-Pass included in tuition/fees Calgary Transit U-Pass included in tuition/fees Calgary Transit U-Pass included in tuition/fees
Clothing/Personal care $1,100 $1,100 $1,100
Entertainment $600 $600 $600
$21,332 - $23,930
$15,100 $21,100 - $24,100

* Additional fees may apply to specific programs. Use the Budget Calculator to see the specific fee totals for your program, or see the Fee Schedule for more detailed information on tuition and fees.
** Your books and supplies cost will be dependent on the courses you take and can vary greatly from program to program.
*** Based on a variety of circumstances, from shared accommodation with multiple roommates to independent apartment living.

There are many things to consider within the costs of your education. In addition to tuition, books and supplies, you may have other costs such as insurance, transportation and household expenses.

To help you budget for all of your expenses, we recommend that you look at our detailed Costs of Living page, which outlines potential living costs you may need to plan for. Use the budget calculator to figure out your budget based on your program choice and personal expenses.


Cost by course

The table below outlines what you can expect to pay for undergraduate/credit tuition and fees based on the number of courses you are taking.

A standard course at Mount Royal is 3 credits. If you are taking courses worth other credit amounts, this table also outlines how much a single course worth a specific amount of credits will cost.

If you are in Open Studies and taking a combination of (undergraduate/credit) and Academic Upgrading (high-school level courses) courses, your costs will be a combination of undergraduate/credit tuition and upgrading tuition.

# of Courses Credits Tuition & Fees
1/4* 1 or less $536.20
1/2** 1.5 $701.79
1 2 to 5 $1,032.98
2 6 to 7 $1,695.36
3 8 to 10 $3,063.97
4 11 to 14 $3,726.35
5 15 $4,388.73

* A 1/4 course is a single course worth 1 or fewer credits
** A 1/2 course is a single course worth 1.5 credits

The above table only applies to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. For detailed information on fees for international students, see the International Student Fee Schedule or our International Students page.

Permanent Residents must bring their permanent resident card or Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter to the Office of the Registrar on or before the fee deadline for the given semester. Once confirmation is received, tuition rates will be adjusted from international to domestic for the current semester as well as future semesters. If documentation is not received on or prior to the deadline, fees will only be adjusted for future semesters.

Occupational programs

If you are in an occupational program, your course costs are on a per course, not a per-credit basis.

Upgrading and International students