Admissions Information

Admissions information

Most students that you work with will likely be considered for admission under the category of “high school” applicant. They will be considered a high school applicant if they are in their final year of high school if they have left or completed high school and if they have completed fewer than eight post-secondary courses. Their competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on their top two Group A subjects.

The required high school courses and minimum and competitive average requirements for admission vary by program. In addition to viewing these admission pages, it is important to review the specific requirements for the program they are considering.

High School Courses
High School applicants must present five Grade 12 level courses for admission. Included in these five courses, applicants must present the required subjects for their intended program of choice. The specific courses required for your program count towards your Group A courses. The additional subject(s) which may be presented for admission include the following courses from Group A, B, or C.

Degree Programs
Specific courses required by the program must be included in your five subjects below:

  1. English Language Arts 30 - 1
  2. Group A course
  3. Group A course
  4. Group A or B course
  5. Group A, B, or C course

Diploma Programs
Specific courses required by the program must be included in your five subjects below:
  1. English Language Arts 30 - 1
  2. Group A course
  3. Group A, B, or C course
  4. Group A, B, or C course
  5. Group A, B, or C course

For high school coursework to be used for admission purposes, courses must be completed by June 30 for the Fall Semester. When completing your application, report all 5-credit Group A and B courses (or equivalents) which will be completed by June 30.
Group C courses do not need to be reported at the time of application but will be assessed later on in the admission process once final official transcripts have been received.

Competitive admission average

Admission is competitive, meaning students with higher grades will be considered first. Your competitive average will be calculated on your two highest Group A subjects. The competitive average varies from program to program and from year to year, For more information, see the Admission Requirements chart and refer to the competitive average range.

Self-reported grades
Applicants who are in Grade 12 in high school report in progress and plan to complete courses with an anticipated grade on the application form for calculation of your competitive admission average. Anticipated grades should be based on your current grade or the actual grade for the previous level course (e.g. BIOL 30, use BIOL 20 - actual grade). At the time of review, admissions will determine (based on established procedures) the type of grades (in-progress, plan to complete or official) that will be used in calculating the competitive admission average. Example: to be considered during Early Admission only grades received within this period will be used, therefore, grades that arrive beyond Early Admission will not be used towards the competitive admission average.

Applicants who are out of high school and/or upgrading courses at a post-secondary institution, through distance learning or through adult education are required to present final, official grades for the calculation of your competitive admission average.

Minimum admission average
To be eligible for admission, you must present a minimum admission average calculated on your five appropriate Grade 12 subjects used for admission to your program. Most programs also require a minimum grade in specific courses. The Admission Requirements chart below provides a list of the specific required courses and minimum grades and the minimum final average for each program.
Admission Requirements chart