Scholarships & Bursaries

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working remotely. Any inquiries can be sent by email to  where we can reply in a timely manner. We wish you good health during these challenging times and are still here to help you.

Important message for New to MRU Students:
Students receiving awards will be notified through their MRU email account. Please be sure to activate your MRU email account at using your Mount Royal Student ID number found on your Offer of Admission letter. For more information and helpful tutorial click here, or call the Mount Royal Technology Help Desk at 403.440.6000.

Awards are not always about grades. Your extra-curricular activities, volunteer involvement and financial need will also be considered. You could be qualified for the following types of awards:

Scholarships: Awarded for GPA achievement of 3.2 or higher
Awards: Awarded for GPA achievement of 2.0 or higher
Bursaries: Awarded based on financial need

With an abundance of student awards available to Mount Royal students, it pays to apply.

Student awards support our top priority: helping students succeed
Post-secondary education is an investment in your future. At Mount Royal, we are dedicated to supporting your success and offer scholarships, bursaries and awards to reward you for making this investment.

Academic success, your financial situation and extracurricular participation are considered when determining your eligibility for various awards.

Awards help lower the cost of your education. Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards, providing students with more than $3 million in scholarships and bursaries.

List of awards

Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards to new and continuing students. Prior to applying for awards, you may wish to review the award eligibility and criteria of the awards available. Simply search the award site using keywords (i.e. business, nursing, entrance etc.) to find awards applicable to you. 

Within the awards listing, awards for students in "any program" refer to credit students in degree, applied degree, or diploma programs.

Part-time students are also eligible for some In-Course Awards. Part-time students are those who have completed less than 60 per cent of a full course load of a program over two semesters in the current academic year.

There are also awards available for students taking non-credit courses through Continuing Education. However, students taking courses through Continuing Education need not apply for awards as all of these awards are by nomination only.

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How many awards does Mount Royal offer?

Prospective (entrance) students (must apply for early admission by Feb. 1)

Award Name # of Awards General Criteria Award Amount Additional Information
President’s Scholarships 25 Academic achievement, extracurricular activities and leadership $7,500 ($3,750 Fall Semester, $3,750 Winter Semester)

Applications available:
October 1

Application deadline:
March 1

Mount Royal Entrance Awards for Academic Excellence Variable Academic achievement -90% in top two Group A subjects (competitive admission average) and 80% final average on five appropriate courses $1,000
Other Mount Royal Entrance awards More than 180 Awards Click here for more details Up to $6,000 each


Current (in-course) students 

Award Name # of Awards General Criteria
Award Amount
Additional Information
In-course awards Approximately 800 available Click here for more details Up to $6,000 each

Applications available: October 1

Application deadline: March 1

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Important dates

  • Scholarship applications will be available online Oct. 1
  • Application deadline is Mar. 1
  • Students will normally be notified whether they are receiving an award in June or July

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General award information & policies

Do you have a question about how Mount Royal awards are administered? You might want to check out the Mount Royal award policies page for more information or view the procedures document used to administer Mount Royal awards. If you wish to be considered for awards for a specific program major, please be sure to declare your major with the Registrar's Office by Oct. 1, before completing the awards application.

Appeal of a Scholarship, Bursary or Award Procedure

The basic principles governing the hearing of student appeals and grievances, as defined in the Mount Royal University Academic Calendar, apply to the appeal of a scholarship, bursary or award decision. You can appeal an unfavourable decision in the year the award is applied for if you can provide evidence that there was a mathematical miscalculation in determining your academic and/or financial eligibility or extenuating circumstances beyond your immediate control have prevented you from meeting the stated scholarship, bursary or award criteria. Read more.

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Apply for Mount Royal awards

Are you ready to apply? Then be sure to visit the how to apply page beginning in early October to get your online application started.

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Paying or deferring fees using awards

  • All awards are payable only when the student is in attendance as a full-time student at Mount Royal, unless otherwise stated.
  • Mount Royal may award scholarships to students who have not applied for awards; however, students who do not submit an application should not expect to receive awards.
  • Occasionally, an award cannot be given out if a donation is not received or a fund does not earn enough interest. If either of these situations arise, Mount Royal will not give out that particular award, even if it was advertised.
  • Mount Royal reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances may require, including cancellation of particular awards.
  • Successful applicants will generally be notified before the Fall semester begins.
  • The award money will not be transferred to your account until after the Drop/Add deadline in September, however, your fees have been deferred for the value of your awards.
  • If the value of your fees (tuition, mandatory fees and residence, if applicable) is greater than the value of your awards, you are responsible for paying any additional fees by the August fee deadline, otherwise, you will be de-registered or you may lose your spot in Residence.
  • Should the value of the award(s) exceed the amount of fees owing, you will be issued a cheque for the difference in October.

External awards (awarded by an organization other than Mount Royal) can be used to defer and/or pay fees only under certain circumstances. It is the student’s responsibility to do the following, prior to the fee deadline:

  • Confirm the money that you will be receiving is indeed a scholarship. For example, Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) are not scholarships and cannot be used to defer or pay fees through the Student Awards Office.
  • Confirm whether or not the award is payable directly to Mount Royal. Awards that are payable to the student cannot be used to defer or pay fees.
  • If the scholarship is payable to Mount Royal, you must ensure the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office has received a letter, confirming the value of the award prior to the tuition fee deadline.
  • If you receive a notification you are receiving your award after the fee deadline, the award will be put onto your account and applied to your next semester’s fees and/or issued to you in the form of a cheque.
  • Ensure that your  Social Insurance Number (SIN) is on file prior to payment of your fees. Mount Royal is required to collect SINs for all students who receive any form of payment from Mount Royal - even if the money originated from another source.

Guidelines for writing a thank-you letter





To start your letter, you should express your thanks for the award you received (AWARD NAME).

The donor would also love to hear how this award will help you and/or what it means to you. Also, feel free to tell the donor a little bit about yourself, including your educational and career goals.

Thank the donor again.


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External award websites

There are a variety of award opportunities offered by external institutions and businesses available to all post-secondary students, not specific to Mount Royal. To see a list of upcoming opportunities and links to external websites and databases visit our external award opportunities website.