Confirmation of Enrolment

000_EN_MyCreds_Logo.svgConfirmation of Enrolments are now issued via MyCreds™️. Find out more.

Confirmation of Enrolment is official documentation confirming your student status for all credit programs. It is commonly used for the following:

  • Banking (opening a student account or obtaining a credit card)
  • Confirmation of registration for Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
  • Insurance and benefit plans

At Mount Royal, official Confirmation of Enrolments look like the following and are issued via MyCreds™️ at an associated cost of $6 per document, per semester.


Unofficial documentation can be accessed at no charge, 24/7 through your MyMRU account and may provide the information you require. This includes:


What Confirmation of Enrolment do you require? How to access your Confirmation
A Confirmation for Fall 2022 or a semester after Fall 2022 (e.g. Winter 2023, Fall 2023, etc.)
  1. Visit MyCreds™️ 
    • Select Sign in with your Education Provider
    • Select Mount Royal University 
    • Login using your MyMRU username and password
  2. Confirmation of Enrolment documents will be available for Fall 2022 onwards. If you are not registered for a semester, there will be no Confirmation available for that semester.
  3. Select the document you wish you access.
  4. Pay the $6 fee to unlock the Confirmation of Enrolment.

If you have recently made adjustments to your course registration, please allow up to 2 business days for these changes to be reflected in MyCreds™️.

If you believe the contents of your Confirmation are inaccurate, please complete the online Confirmation of Enrolment Request. Set the semester and choose “concerns with issued Confirmation”. Please allow up to 3 business days for follow-up.

A Confirmation for a semester prior to Fall 2022

Complete the online Confirmation of Enrolment Request and select the semester required. A Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued at the cost of $6 per document, per semester. You will receive an email from MyCreds™️ once the document is ready for pickup; please allow up to 3 business days for processing.

I have an external document that needs to be signed by Mount Royal

For example, a document specific to your RESP provider

Complete the online Confirmation of Enrolment Request and attach a PDF of the document. Be sure to complete your portion of the document first! Please allow up to 3 business days for documentation to be completed. Upon completion, the documentation will be emailed to your MRU email address.

Custom Confirmation

You require specific information not included in the Confirmation of Enrolment documentation

Complete the online Confirmation of Enrolment Request and provide as much detail as possible regarding what information is required in your documentation and why. If needed, you will be contacted at your MRU email address for additional information.

You will receive an email from MyCreds™️ once the document is ready for pickup. Please note: the cost for a Custom Confirmation is $10.

Canada Pension Plan Student Benefit (CPP) 

Declaration of Attendance at University

Complete Sections A and B of your Declaration of Attendance document and either:

  • Bring it in-person to the Office of the Registrar (A101) after the add/drop deadline. Remember to join our virtual line via QLess!
  • Or, access your online Confirmation of Enrolment via MyCreds™️ after the add/drop deadline.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Confirmation

Confirmation is not required for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship. Your enrolment is confirmed with the government directly and automatically. Further details can be found on the Alberta Student Aid website. Contact if you require additional information.
Study Permit Renewal Letter Complete the online Letter Requests for International Students. Please note: the cost for a Study Permit Renewal Letter is $25 per semester.
Confirmation of Graduation Confirmation of Graduation letters will be automatically uploaded to MyCreds™️ once it has been confirmed that all graduation requirements have been met. If you require a letter earlier that states you have applied to graduate, please email for assistance. Please note: the cost for a Confirmation of Graduation is $10.
Maintaining Interest Free (Student) Status for previous student loans See below for additional details

To protect Mount Royal students' personal records and information, our staff and faculty are required to follow the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. We are not permitted to release records or personal contact information to any third party without prior written approval (Release of Information) from the student.


Confirmation of Enrolment for student loan purposes

While you are enrolled as a full-time student, your government loans are interest-free - as long as your lender knows you are full-time. If you receive an Information Request from Alberta Student Aid, contact for assistance.

If you are full-time, have previous student loans and are NOT currently receiving student aid, follow the steps below to notify your lender in order to maintain interest-free status (no interest payments are charged).

If you have previous Alberta student loans only:

  • Complete a Confirmation of Registration - Reinstatement of Interest Free Status for Alberta Student Loan (Form B). You can find this form on the Student Aid Alberta website under Applications and Forms.
  • Print off and complete your portion of Form B, and email it to

If you have previous Alberta student loans and Canada student loans:

If you have previous government student loans through another province other than Alberta, you will need to request the appropriate Confirmation of Enrolment from your provincial loan provider.

If you are receiving new funding before your repayment start date, your enrolment will be confirmed by your province or territory and the institution, no action is required.

If you have any questions, contact