Student Fees

Student Fees

Below is a general breakdown of the mandatory fees Mount Royal students should expect in an academic year. For more detailed information on fees, see the Tuition Fee Schedule.

General Fees

The payment of all general fees is mandatory for all students. The general fees cover the following:

The Recreation and Athletics fee is used to support and develop varsity sport and recreation programs and services for the University community. For more information on Recreation and Athletics, visit their website.
This fee is levied each semester and is intended to provide students with accident expense reimbursement, dental accident reimbursement and permanent total disability benefit.

Students enroled in three or more full* courses are:

  • covered for all accidents on a 24-hour basis for the course term.

Students enroled in less than three full* courses coverage applies only:

  • while such students are in or on University buildings or premises for the purpose of attending classes or
  • while they are in attendance at or participating in any University activity approved and supervised by a proper authority of the University.

For application forms and further information and specific plan information, contact Health Services.

*Full course = 3 credit course

Similar to other post-secondary institutions, Mount Royal assesses a student services fee that directly supports services vital to students' academic and personal success: 

All eligible students taking 3 courses (minimum of nine credits) in each semester are assessed a fee for the universal bus pass (U-Pass) which provides unlimited rides on Calgary Transit buses and C-Trains for a one-time per semester fee. The U-Pass program is administered through the Parking and Transportation Services Office. For additional information on the U-Pass program, please visit the Transportation and Parking website.

Students' Association Fees

All Students' Association Fees are mandatory fees collected by Mount Royal University on behalf of the Students Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU). These include: 

This fee is levied each semester to provide services and representation to Mount Royal students and to operate the Wyckham House Student Centre. SAMRU delivers more than 90 many programs and services available to students, including:
  • subsidized events and entertainment
  • emergency student loans
  • Free breakfast
  • Good Food Boxes
  • Peer Support Centre
  • Native Student Centre
  • Cultural Mosaic Centre Global Citizen Centre
  • Sustainability Centre
  • Pride Centre
  • Student Outreach and Safewalk


This fee is levied each semester to provide scholarships and bursaries to Mount Royal students. An endowment has been established that ensures that funds for students continue to be available in the future. The approximate value of these fees is paid out by SAMRU to students each year through scholarships and awards, co-curricular development funding (Experiential Learning Fund), and bursaries.
This fee is levied to provide the capital funds necessary for SAMRU to develop and maintain the Wyckham House Student Centre.

All eligible students taking nine credits or more in each semester of registration are enrolled in the SAMRU extended Health and Dental Plan. This fee is distinct from the fee charged for the Student Accident Insurance Plan.

Eligible students who have comparable health and/or dental coverage elsewhere may apply to waive benefits. Each student is given an opportunity to waive benefits under the health and/or dental plan(s) each year. All waiver forms must be completed through the Student Benefits Plan Office or through the Online Opt-Out and must be received by the applicable deadline for the semester period of enrolment. Please visit the SAMRU website for more information.

 Other Fees

The instructional equipment and lab fee provides supplementary funding for the purchase of supplies and equipment used for instructional support purposes by students and faculty. This fee is calculated as a part of your total tuition.