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Working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working during the COVID-19 pandemic


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Employees — those working at home or on campus — may be wondering what working at Mount Royal will be like in coming months. You may have questions about getting technology support, looking into HR options and staying safe and healthy.

Working in a new normal

  • Technology is your friend. Learn strategies for alternate delivery and get help from ITS.
  • Find out about new features in Google Meet that enhance videoconferencing.
  • Interested in using this time to take a leave of absence? Discuss with your supervisor and HR.
  • It’s important that all employees stay healthy and safe. Review information provided by Environmental Health & Safety.



Frequently asked questions

While the answers to some of your questions may remain unclear due to COVID-19, classes, supports and services continue. We can help you adjust.


I have Human Resources questions related to the impact of COVID-19 on my work. Where can I get these answers?

Please go the Human Resources COVID-19 info page for more information.


How do I get help with my technology needs?

Please go ITS COVID-19 info page for more information.


How do I make sure that I work from home and on campus safely?

Please go to Environmental Health & Safety COVID-19 info page for more information.


How do employees pick up or drop things off on campus?

If you need to return to campus to pick up belongings, please arrange with your manager so this can be done safely and consistent with physical distancing protocols and while campus is open. Do not take desktop equipment or other office fixtures home — only laptops assigned to you. All other equipment must remain in your workspace.

If you need to return items to campus, please arrange with your manager on what date and time you will do this (when campus is open). If your manager remains on campus please return the items directly, but practise physical distancing. If your manager is not on campus, please call 403.440.6897 and let Security know when you will drop off items at the Security desk near the West Gate, again only when campus is open.

You will need your OneCard to get access and the entrances are East Gate, West Gate, for the Bissett Building (EB) the door nearest the parkade, for the Arts Building (EA) the door nearest the Library and for the Library (EL) the doors nearest EA.

If you do not have your OneCard with you or do not have one, on a temporary basis you can use the intercom access at either East Gate or West Gate.


What guidance should I give to vendors and contractors that are on campus at Mount Royal?

Contractors and vendors should follow Alberta Health Services guidance, along with directions from their employer. If there are significant changes on campus, such as closures, Mount Royal will advise contractors who will be impacted.


What are the rules for University-related travel?

Mount Royal is suspending University-related travel outside of Alberta for all employees (faculty and staff) and students unless approved by a vice-president.


What purchasing activities can I do and can I use my P-card?

The purchase of any goods and services is limited to Deans, Associate Vice-Presidents, Vice-Provosts, Vice-Presidents and the President only. Any decisions about spending on critical goods should be based on the assumption that the expenses are critical to program and service delivery in the fall. These restrictions also apply to office supplies (e.g., Grand and Toy), and other blanket orders with suppliers; all goods must be delivered to Central Receiving.

Goods must be received on campus by June 30, 2020 to fall under the current budget year. Any items or services that require third parties to perform work on campus must be coordinated through the AVP of Facilities Management.

P-cards are not to be used for purchases, unless recommended by Procurement Services. As always, please adhere to the University’s Purchasing Policy.


Is in-house mail service still operational?

Internal mail is being delivered two days per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For any departments or buildings that are not accessible, mail is stored in the mailroom. Those who wish to pick up their mail or set up mail forwarding should call the mailroom at 403.440.6910 or email jballance@mtroyal.ca to make arrangements. All outgoing mail will be picked up by Canada Post on Mondays and Wednesdays. If it is imperative, please deliver in person or take to a Canada Post outlet.