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Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic



Students — those taking courses now, starting a program at MRU in the fall or continuing with classes come September — may wonder what learning looks like now and in the coming months. We want you to stay healthy, receive an excellent education and get the support you need to succeed.

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Frequently asked questions


Student support and services

While MRU’s campus is mostly closed, many areas are providing online support and services during office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Please connect directly with each department, or review the commonly asked questions below.


Can students still get an appointment with a counsellor at Student Counselling Services?

Student Counselling Services is conducting appointments via telephone or video: see the  Student Counselling website for more information. To discuss your options or to book, change, or cancel an appointment, please call 403.440.6362 or email Be sure to include your name and a call-back number. An administrative assistant will call you back as soon as possible.


How do I contact Accessibility Services?

Please go to the  Accessibility Services wesbite for details on accommodations. You can also email


Is the Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion office open on campus?

The physical office is currently closed, however, people can still book appointments online on the  Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion website and complete appointments either by phone or Google Meets.


Is the Iniskim Centre open?

The Iniskim Centre is closed. If you need to set up an online appointment, please contact the program coordinator to arrange.


If Alberta Health Services confirms that I have COVID-19, who should I notify and what are the academic implications?

Students should notify their instructor or relevant contact who will let them know of the academic implications.


Who should I tell if I know another student has COVID-19?

This is private and confidential medical information and it should only be shared between the student and the instructor and/or another relevant employee at Mount Royal.


Will professors be flexible with attendance and assignments if students feel unwell?

Faculty have the authority to determine the methodology by which they arrive at the final course grade and are encouraged to ensure students are not disadvantaged for circumstances beyond their control.



Spring and Summer 2020

Spring and Summer Semester courses are being provided in alternative format only.


Why have such strict class sizes for Spring and Summer 2020 if they will all be offered online/alternative delivery anyway?

There are more factors than the size of the physical classroom that go into class size, including availability of instructors, the content of the course and how it is assessed and graded. No matter the delivery method (in person, blended or online), Mount Royal continues to evaluate class sizes and student support through the lens of student-centred learning.


How are courses delivered and what software do I need?

Instructors will choose the best way to deliver course material. Most will use one or a mix of Blackboard, Google Drive, Gmail and Google Meet. These are all readily available to students as part of their Mount Royal Google account or login credentials. There are other platforms available, but they do not meet Mount Royal’s security and privacy requirements.

It is vitally important that you do not join a Google Meet by calling the U.S. long-distance number that may appear in some calendar events. Ensure the number displayed is a local number, or join by video or audio only so you don’t incur long distance charges. If you are having trouble, review our Google Meet by phone instructions.


How will group work be done?

There are a variety of ways to do group work virtually or online. Instructors will share those with students.


How do I confirm my assignments are received by my instructor via email or Blackboard?

Always use your email and consider taking a screenshot of the upload confirmation or sent notice. Alert your instructor if you notice any discrepancies.


If classes use alternative delivery methods, do I need to stay in Calgary?

Each course will have different requirements, as advised by your instructor. Please follow the recommendations of the Government of Canada's Travel Health Notices regarding personal travel.


Will some in-person instruction continue, for labs etc.?

There will be no in-person instruction in Spring and Summer. All in-person lab and studio course-work is cancelled and instructors will seek alternative assessments. Your instructor will reach out to let you know how learning that requires specialized equipment and software will proceed.


What do I do if I am struggling with my courses using the new formats?

All student services and supports remain available on weekdays. Please connect directly with the student service you require for an appointment.


How will exams take place?

If your instructor has indicated that the course will have a scheduled final exam, your final will occur at the time posted on the exam schedule. If you have an alternative assessment in lieu of a timed exam, it will occur as communicated by your professor.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, there will be no in-person exams: they will all be done through alternative delivery methods. Students are not to come to campus to write exams. Only under extremely extenuating circumstances will students be permitted to write exams in a computer lab. Space is very limited, so please investigate all other options first.



Fall 2020

Students — especially new students and those studying from abroad — may be uncertain of what university life will be like this fall. You may have questions about selecting your classes, securing housing and travelling to Canada.

While the answers to some of your questions may remain unclear due to COVID-19, classes will be offered in September primarily using alternative delivery methods. We can help you prepare.

Take the next steps

Please visit the Admissions website for answers to common questions regarding Fall 2020, or email


How will courses be delivered in the Fall 2020 Semester?

The Fall 2020 Semester will primarily be delivered using alternative delivery methods. Hopefully in 2021, what we do best — face-to-face learning, support and services — will resume.


Will there be any exceptions to alternate delivery methods?

In some cases there may be exceptions, given program learning outcomes or accreditation requirements can only be met with face-to-face experiences, there are ways to safely do this and students are near to graduation.


What about research activities that can only be done on site?

Where research can be done by faculty and students safely, it will be permitted.


Why aren’t you waiting to know exactly what the government will decide?

We have based our decision to go to alternative delivery methods based on guidance we received from the government on May 23. By making the decision now, thought can be put into classes to offer in the fall. Programs can consider how they might adjust their course schedules. Students have a better sense for whether or not they need to be near campus. Faculty can better prepare courses with the support of the Academic Development Centre. Staff can continue to improve online supports and services.


If the government allows a return to face-to-face learning midway through the fall will MRU change then too?

No we would not. Changing from alternate delivery formats to in person delivery within the semester is difficult and complicated. Individuals may be disadvantaged because of different levels of health and living arrangements.


When will you know what courses will be offered in the fall and by what delivery method?

At present, alternative delivery is being planned for all courses and services in the fall, with very few exceptions. Information on specific course offerings for the fall will be shared by June 15.


Will the Pass/Fail option offered in the Winter 2020 semester be available for the Fall 2020 semester too?

The Pass/Fail option was developed for the Winter 2020 semester and is unlikely to continue for future semesters.