Directive suspended March 1

The Mount Royal University Directive/COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Program is suspended effective March 1, 2022.

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Mount Royal University Coat of Arms.

University Directive

COVID-19 mandatory vaccination program

Effective Date: Oct. 18, 2021
Last Revised: Jan. 1, 2022
Review Date: March 2, 2022


A. Preamble

Mount Royal University has an obligation to the members of its community to take all reasonable steps to ensure its campus is a safe place to learn, teach and work.  National and provincial public health authorities and experts have indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue both globally and locally for an extended period of time.

Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the single most effective means of reducing the impacts of the pandemic on the University’s academic mission.  Research has shown that vaccination reduces the likelihood that the COVID -19 virus is transmitted and, when transmitted, vaccination reduces serious outcomes for the individual.

This Directive is a fundamental component of the University’s long-term COVID-19 response.  This approach is necessary for the institution to participate in an exemption from some public health order restrictions that would otherwise impede the academic mission, including continuing to offer in-person classes. The Directive ensures that Mount Royal can continue to offer the personalized learning environment the University is known for.

The University will continue to monitor all relevant information, public health orders and expert advice.  This Directive may be updated, modified or revoked at any time.  The University will conduct a review of this Directive on or before the Review Date.


B. Authority

This Directive is made under the authority of the President, with the support of the President’s Executive Committee, pursuant to the President’s:

  1. general supervision over and direction of the University’s operations under section 81(3) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta; and
  2. general responsibility as a member of the board of governors and most senior executive of the University to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of the University’s students, faculty, staff and other members of the university community.


C. Scope of Directive

This Directive applies to all individuals (including all Students, Employees, Contractors and members of the public who have reason to be on campus) who Attend In-Person.


D. Directive

1. Vaccination Mandate

1.1 Individuals may not Attend In-Person unless they:

a. are Fully Immunized;

b. have received an accommodation (addressed in section 4) and are participating in rapid testing (addressed in section 3); or

c. are children who are ineligible to be Fully Immunized because of their age.


2. Proof of Vaccination

2.1 In order for an individual to be considered Fully Immunized, that individual must submit Proof of Vaccination to the University.

2.2 To submit Proof of Vaccination,

a. Students must submit their Proof of Vaccination through the MRUNow App.  Student Services will be responsible for this information.

b. Employees must submit their Proof of Vaccination through the MRUNow App.  The Wellness at Work group in Human Resources will be responsible for this information.

c. Contractors (including their own employees) must submit their Proof of Vaccination either through a mandatory vaccine program provided by their employer or by showing an MRU employee responsible for their contract a copy of their Proof of Vaccination in advance of Attending in Person.

d. Members of the public who Attend In-Person do not need to submit Proof of Vaccination, but may be required to show their compliance with the program under section 5.


3. Rapid Testing

3.1 Individuals who are required to isolate in accordance with public health orders (including those who are symptomatic) may not Attend In-Person and should not perform a rapid test. To be clear – a negative rapid test does not reduce your isolation period under applicable public health orders (only PCR tests administered by AHS qualify for this).

3.2 Individuals with an approved accommodation under section 4 are required to participate in rapid testing by complying with the following:

a. individuals with an approved accommodation under section 4 who Attend In-Person must either perform rapid testing

i. twice a week – once on Sunday and once on Wednesday; or

ii. as the individual may otherwise be directed by the University.

b. Individuals participating in rapid testing are required to upload the results of their test to the University.

c. If a test:

i. is negative, the individual may Attend In-Person.

ii. is positive or inconclusive, the individual may not Attend In-Person and must,

a. stay home;

b. complete the AHS COVID-19 self assessment;

c. book an AHS PCR test;

d. if they are a Student, submit the Early support COVID report form;

e. if they are an Employee, submit the employee self-isolation report form.


4. Accommodation

4.1 Any individual who cannot comply with the requirements of section 1.1 on the basis of a protected ground under the Human Rights Act of Alberta may apply for accommodation.

4.2 Individuals requiring accommodation must submit their request promptly.

4.3 Candidates for employment must submit their request for accommodation at the time their Proof of Vaccination is requested during the application process. 

4.4 Potential new Students must request an accommodation when their Proof of Vaccination is requested prior to registration for in-person classes.

4.5 Any individual who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical contraindication to vaccination must:

a. apply for a medical exemption by submitting an original, signed vaccine medical exception letter provided by an authorized health professional; and

b. the medical exception letter must be provided in accordance with the COVID-19 Immunization: Medical Exemption Policy issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health on September 24, 2021.

4.6 If the individual is

a. a Student, the individual must submit the request for accommodation to Access and Inclusion Services; and

b. an Employee, the individual must submit workplace accommodation request form to Wellness at Work in Human Resources.

4.7. Individuals who received an accommodation from mandatory vaccination will be required to participate in rapid testing articulated in section 3.


5. Demonstrating Compliance with Program

5.1 Individuals Attending In-Person must carry proof of their compliance with this program with them at all times.

5.2 The University may request that any individual who Attend In-Person demonstrate that they are in compliance with this program at any time.

5.3 Students and Employees are expected to demonstrate compliance with the program by showing:

a. a QR code obtained from the MRU Now App (including printed codes).

5.4 Contractors (including their employees) and members of the public are expected to demonstrate compliance with the program by showing:

a. a government-issued COVID-19 Immunization Record showing a valid QR code (where the jurisdiction issues QR codes) and a matching government-issued photo identification.


6. Submitting Fraudulent Information

6.1 Members of the University community are expected to act with integrity in the course of their studies and employment. Further, it is illegal to create fraudulent medical records. Students, Employees, Contractors and members of the public are expected to only submit information and documents that are true and accurate.

6.2 Individuals who submit fraudulent records will be subject to the following consequences:

a. if they are a Student, they will be subject to discipline in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct policy. This is a serious breach and discipline may include expulsion.

b. if they are an Employee, they will be subject to discipline in accordance with applicable policies and the terms and conditions of their employment, including applicable collective agreement. This is a serious breach and discipline may include dismissal for cause.

c. if they are a Contractor (or one of its employees), this may result in consequences under the agreement between the University and Contractor. This is a serious breach and may be grounds to terminate the agreement for cause. Individual employees of Contractors may receive a trespass notice preventing the individual from coming to campus in accordance with the Trespass Policy and may face discipline from their employer.

d. if they are a member of the public, they may receive a trespass notice preventing the individual from coming to campus in accordance with the Trespass Policy.


7. Non-Compliance

7.1 Individuals who do not comply with this program will not be permitted to Attend In-Person.

a. Students who are registered in in-person classes will not be able to participate in those classes. Students will not receive additional support for classes that are missed. Students who do not comply with the program will be subject to discipline in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct policy and/or will be de-registered from their courses.

b. Employees will not be able to fulfill their duties. Even employees who work remotely may be required to come to campus periodically and are not exempted from this program. Employees who are non-compliant may be put on unpaid leave for a period of time. Employees who continue to be noncompliant over this unpaid leave will be terminated for cause.

c. Contractors (or their employees) who are required to perform services on campus may not be able to complete those services. Contractors will be in breach of their contractual obligations if they fail to perform the services expected of them. Extended delays or disruptions in service will be grounds for termination of their contract for breach.

d. members of the public will not be permitted to participate in in-person activities. They will not be provided with refunds for any missed activities due to their failure to comply with this program.


8. Privacy

8.1 ​The personal information that you provide to Mount Royal University is collected under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act - section 33(c). The information you submit will be used for the purposes of administering this COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Program and verifying the information you submitted under previous COVID-19 response programs.  It also may be used in any other similar programs implemented by the University in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collected personal information is protected from unauthorized access, collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with the FOIP Act and can be reviewed upon request subject to the provisions under the Act. Questions regarding the collection of personal information can be directed to:

8.2 Student information will be held by​ Students Affairs.

Executive Director of Student Affairs

8.3 Employee information will be held by Wellness at Work in Human Resources.

Wellness at Work Business Partner

8.4 Contractor information will be held by Procurement Services.

Manager, Procurement Services


E. Definitions

a) “Contractors” means any individual or company who is engaged to provide goods or services for the University;

b) “Directive” means this University Directive – COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Program;

c) “Effective Date” means the date on which this Directive is made effective as listed on its cover page;

d) “Employees” means individuals who are engaged to work for the University under an employment contract, including faculty, staff, exempt, casual and management employees;

e) “Fully Immunized” means that you have received one dose of a one-dose series or two doses of a two-dose series of a Health Canada approved vaccine and 14 days have elapsed;

f) “Attend In-Person” means an individual either (1) attends one of the University’s campuses or (2) participates in any activity which occurs off-campus, but is held by the University.

g) “Proof of Vaccination” means a paper or electronic record showing the individual’s vaccination status that is in a form satisfactory to the University;

h) “Review Date” means the date on which this Directive will be reviewed;

i) “Students” means any individual who maintains a current affiliation as a learner in the University’s educational community; and

j) “University” means Mount Royal University.


F. History of Directive

  • Initial Directive made effective October 18, 2021
  • Directive revised on January 1, 2022 to:
    • Remove and update content that reflected elements of the Directive which applied prior to January 1, 2022
    • Clarify how members of the community may provide Proof of Vaccination, recognizing the launch of the Alberta QR code
  • Directive reviewed on January 31, 2022 – no revisions made