Sexual Violence Response & Awareness

Policy and procedures

Mount Royal University condemns all acts of violence. Because of the unacceptable prevalence of gender-based violence, we have chosen to take a strong and explicit position against dating, domestic and sexual violence. We recognize that many students, faculty and staff have had experiences with dating, domestic and/or sexual violence and we strive to be a support for our community members.

Survivor/victim Bill of Rights

Sexual Violence can have serious negative impacts on an individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Mount Royal recognizes the potential traumatic effects of sexual violence and supports the efforts of individuals to seek support and recover. Victims/survivors of sexual can expect to:

  • Be believed.
  • Be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect for their personal dignity and privacy by Mount Royal employees.
  • Have minimal requests to repeat information, with minimal numbers of staff involved.
  • Have access to information about the services and remedies available to survivors/victims of crime and protection to prevent unlawful intimidation.
  • Have their role in the process clearly articulated.
  • Be interviewed, if they so request, during any investigative process or administrative interview only by persons and officials of the same gender as they are.
  • Be notified of their options to notify law enforcement by Mount Royal representatives.
  • Have the opportunity to have any person they choose present during any part of a sexual violence disclosure or formal reporting process.
  • Be notified of counseling and health care services on and off campus.
  • Be notified of safety options such as changing classes, living accommodations or transportation. When taking these measures, Mount Royal will minimize encumbrances to the victim/survivor.
  • Receive immediate help upon making any form of disclosure of sexual violence. Mount Royal will develop safety plans in conjunction with victims/survivors as necessary, even before the completion, or in the absence of, any investigation or administrative process.
  • Have the right to report any retaliation by the alleged perpetrator, other students or employees or any other member of the Mount Royal community. Mount Royal will seek strong sanctions against any person involved in such retaliation.
  • To be clearly informed of their ability to access supports such as confidentially speaking to someone who can provide services like advocacy, counseling, health care, police assistance or academic support without triggering any form of formal investigation.


Policy summary: sexual violence is a pervasive, systemic concern that erodes the quality of our learning, living and work environments. This Policy sets out the University's position on and response to sexual violence.

The purpose of this Policy is:

  • To provide Mount Royal University's stance against Sexual Violence;
  • To communicate the University's commitment to providing supports and resources to Individuals who have experienced Sexual Violence;
  • To communicate the University's reporting processes regarding a fair and equitable approach to dealing with allegations of Sexual Violence;
  • To take a Survivor/Victim focused approach to responding to acts of Sexual Violence; and
  • To seek to respond to Sexual Violence through education, training and awareness initiatives.

Sexual Violence Response Policy

Overview: these procedures apply when the University has received a Report as outlined in the Policy.

Support options will be available to you through any and all stages of the process regardless of whether or not you formally report the incident.