Child Care

Child Care Centre


Masks are mandatory

Ayone coming to campus must wear a mask or or face covering at all times when others are present (in private and public spaces), unless alone in a room where a door can be closed. This applies to students, employees, contractors and visitors.

Wear a mask or face covering outdoors if you can’t maintain a 2-metre distance from others.

Please bring your own mask. Review how to safely don a mask.

Employees who have concerns about the safety of wearing a mask during a particular activity should contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for advice at

Employees who require a medical exemption should contact

Students who require a medical exemption should contact

Thank you for your cooperation.


Our Mission

It is Mount Royal University Child Care Centre's mission to create a caring community in which all children can grow and develop in a healthy, safe environment supported by educated professionals. The Centre strives to provide quality child care, regardless of an individual child's diverse needs or circumstances.

Our Vision

As Early Childhood Educators, we believe that children deserve a safe and caring environment, and therefore we promote socially responsible, positive and respectful behavior in our daily practices. We accomplish this by:

  • Modeling, reinforcing and supporting positive social behaviour
  • Viewing challenging behaviours as opportunities for learning
  • Responding to children in ways that maintain their rights and dignity
  • Guiding children towards responsible decision making


Tours of our Child Care Centre are available every Friday anytime between 9:30 and 11 a.m.

No appointment necessary - just call ahead of time to ensure tours have not been cancelled for the day.