As a new member of our community it is important to know how to keep your data and the Mount Royal network safe. On the Cybersecurity Hub we have a variety of resources available. What you can access depends on your role.

Those who work on campus

Whether you are an employee or contractor; work part time or full time, if you access the Mount Roytal University computer network you are required to take cybersecurity awareness training. Visit the Cybersecurity Hub for details on what training is available and how to register. When you complete your training, you receive a contest entry code into the Cybersecurity Challenge and the chance to win a $250 Best Buy gift certificate. The Cybersecurity Hub has more information on the Challenge and other ways you can earn contest entry codes.

To stay on top of the lastest cybersecurity threats on campus, it is strongly suggested that you subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Friday and contains information on how to identify cybersecurity threats and what action you need to take to protect yourself. As an added bonus every issue contains a contest entry code for the Challenge. If you don't want to subscribe, check out the Newsletter Archives regularly to stay up to date. 


As a student, you take formal training or participate in the Cybersecurity Challenge. However, you can access all the resources listed on the Cybersecurity Hub and attend events. It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter. The newsletter contains information on the latest cybersecurity threats, highliting those that are currently targeting the University. Subscribing ensures you are one of the first to know what to look for and what to do to secure your data.