Welcome to MRU

Congratulations on your new role at Mount Royal University! As stewards of research data and personal information, post secondary institutions are high value targets. Attackers hit our community hundred of times a day. Although Information Technology Services has set up top notch defenses, new attack methods continue to be developed.  ITS can only stop known threats. We depend on you to help identify, prevent and report on cyberattacks. To ensure you have the skills needed to sheild your data, you are required to take cybersecurity awareness training upon hire and annually. The skills you develop will help you keep your family and friends safe as well as our network. To learn more about how to register for and access training, visit Who has to take training?

As part of your cybersecurity training, you will receive regular phishing training emails in your inbox. These emails provide you with a safe environment in which you can practice identifying malicious emails without exposing your data to attack. Should you click on a link or open an attachment in a training email, please read the landing page. It contains information that will help you identify phishing emails in the future. For more information on how to report suspicious emails and our phishing training program, visit Phishing training program.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In celebration we schedule several fun activities. Hack the Box escape room, a virtual treasure hunt and the Cybersecurity Challenge are just a few. Have fun participating with your colleagues, collect points and win prizes. Check the Cybersecurity Hub mid September to find out what is planned. 

As attackers are always finding new ways to gain access to your data, it is strongly recommended that you also subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Friday and contains information on the latest cybersecurity threats. Its articles tell you how to identify the method of attack and how to protect yourself..If you don't want to subscribe, check out the Newsletter Archives regularly to stay up to date. 

Once again, welcome to Mount Royal. Should you have any questions about cybersecurity, plesae contact the IT Security Training Analyst at cybersecurity@mtroyal.ca