Keeping in Touch

Contacting your student

Ensure that you have specific contact information for your student before you leave on Move-In Day, as you will not be able to contact your student through Residence Services (for more information, see Privacy and Confidentiality).

Please be aware that you might not hear from your student as much as you thought. Your student will be very busy during the adjustment period and may not answer all phone calls - try emailing or texting instead. We also recommend agreeing on a scheduled day and time when you and your student are both free to talk. This will prevent you from worrying when they get busy with school and new friends. For long distance and international calls, you may want to consider sending your student a calling card or using a free Internet phone service so that they can call you without personal expense.

If you are unable to contact your student in the event of an emergency, contact the Residence Services Office or Mount Royal Security Services after hours, and we will facilitate contacting your student.

If you are having trouble contacting your student and are concerned, please contact us and we will get a message to your student to contact you.

Getting Mail in Residence

Sending mail or packages

Students love getting mail and care packages, and they're a great way to show support from home.

Your student's mailing address

Student's Full Name
200 Mount Royal Circle SW
Calgary, AB T3E 7P7

There is no need to add your student's unit/room or box number to the mailing address. All mail received is sorted by Residence staff and placed in their mailbox.

Please note that Residence Services is closed for Winter holidays at the end of December, at which time there is no mail service.

Visiting your student

If you are planning to visit from out of town and would like to stay close to your student, Residence Services offers a number of accommodation options for guests and visitors - including upgraded hotel suites - year-round.