Parents' frequently asked questions

Your student answers a series of profile questions when they fill out the Residence application. Then our housing system groups applicants of the same gender (unless your student opts into gender inclusive housing) together based on their age and profile type. Students can also choose their roommates through the Residence Portal.

Not necessarily. We match each applicant with students of same gender (unless your student opts into gender inclusive housing), similar ages and similar profile types. While the unit itself likely has students with similarities, the student's community or floor will have a varied mix of students. There are also Living Learning Community options for select programs, where students may request to live with other students in their program or with similar interests.

Yes, students can search for roommates on the Application Portal who they best match with or they can select a student they already know. Instructions on how to select roommates are sent to each student when they become eligible to proceed to this section of the portal.

Yes! Please see our gender inclusive housing section for more information.

Our Residence Life team can assist with roommate issues and your student should contact their respective Resident Advisor (RA) for assistance. Most early roommate problems are the result of adjusting to a new situation. In the first month of each semester, there is a room change freeze - no room changes will be made (except in extenuating circumstances).

After the first month, students may request a room change. However, in all instances students will be asked to follow the room change process and address their issue with a RA prior to submitting a room change request.

Residence provides a bed, desk, closet, chair, garbage can and drawers in each bedroom. Each common area has a fridge, oven and stovetop, microwave, kitchen table and chairs, couches, coffee table and television.

Students must provide their own bedding, linens, cookware, dishes, utensils, toiletries, clothing, computer and school supplies, and small personal effects if they wish. Storage space is limited. See what to bring for full details.

Students should not bring any additional furniture or appliances. Candles and pets are not allowed. See what not to bring for full details.

Given the turnaround time needed to transition our residence facilities from summer housing to fall housing and the training schedule of our Resident Advisors, it is generally not possible for students to move in before the move-in date, unless their academic or athletic program requires an earlier start date.

During the Winter holiday closure, only students who have applied for permission to stay over the break will be permitted in Residence.

Students must vacate their units at the end of their contract period (24 hours after their last final exam). With other students still completing exams and guests or other students preparing to move in, it is important that students comply with this requirement unless a request has been approved in writing.

Residence Services employs upper-year student leaders as live-in Resident Advisors (RAs). The RAs develop a strong community on their floor or triad and are responsible for supporting students.

Two full-time professional Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) live on campus and supervise the RA staff. They are responsible for the overall management of Residence, respond to crisis situations and enforce standards of behaviour in Residence based on the Residence Policies, Procedures and Conduct Guide.

In addition, Mount Royal also has 24-hour campus security personnel. Security staff are always accessible should anything unforeseen arise.

Activities and programs in residence are designed to promote a positive community as well as support the educational mission of Mount Royal. Learning occurs beyond the classroom and Residence Services is committed to developing each student's campus life experience through the Residence Life program.

If you are unable to contact your student and there is an emergency, contact the Residence Services office or if after hours, contact Mount Royal Security Services and we will facilitate contacting your student.

If you are having trouble contacting your student and are concerned, please contact us and we will get a message to your student to contact you.

As required in the Accommodation Agreement, students must carry personal content insurance for loss or damage during the duration in Residence. Stolen or damaged personal items can then be replaced by the insurance company as per the policy.

Mount Royal Residence Services does not provide content insurance and is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Residence Services also requires that all residents carry Personal Liability Insurance of no less than $1,000,000 for the entirety of their stay on campus. Please contact us with any questions.

Residence is open year-round (see spring/summer housing options) with a few exceptions:

Mount Royal University observes all major Canadian holidays and therefore the Residence Services office may be closed on those days. However, our on-call staff are always on-site and available to assist our residents when the office is not open.

The Residence Services office is open during reading week breaks in October and February.

Mount Royal University - including Residence Services - is closed during the winter break from the end of the December exam period to the first day of classes for the winter semester. If your student needs to remain in Residence during this time, they may apply in November with the Winter holiday closure application form for all or part of the holiday closure. A flat fee of $50 will apply.

Note: Mail service is not available during the Winter holiday closure.