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How do I get a ONECard?

To get a ONECard, you must submit a photo of your face and a piece of government-issued photo ID and wait for it to be approved. You will receive an email once it has been approved. Once that has happened, come to the ONECard desk located in the Cougars Campus Store and have it printed.

Do I need to get a new card every year?

Your ONECard is active and valid as long as you are a student enroled in classes. If you don't lose your ONECard, you can continue to use it for the full time you are at MRU. Even if you take a break from your studies and come back to MRU, the ONECard you had will still work once you enrol in classes. The only time you would need to replace your card is if it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

I lost my ONECard, how can I get a new one?

If your ONECard is lost or stolen, fill out the Print Request. If you have already submitted a photo, there is no need to submit another photo, although you can update your photo on your ONECard at the same time you replace your ONECard. Make sure you have received the "Your photo is approved" email before your request a replacement. There is a $20 replacement fee for any lost/stolen cards.

What name will be used on my ONECard?

Your ONECard will always display your preferred first name on your ONECard unless you have not set one or your preferred name is the same as your legal name. You can set your preferred name on MyMRU by going to My Program and clicking on "Update your preferred first name." While this change happens automatically for most university systems, it takes a few hours for the ONECard system to update, so it's recommend you change your preferred name well in advance of requesting your ONECard. If the name on you ONECad is out of date or incorrect, please let us know and we will help you in getting a new, current ONECard.

 How can I load money onto my ONECard?

There are a few ways to load money onto your ONECard. You can either come to the Cougars Campus Store (H100) or load money through the ONECard Portal. Sign into your account and click “Add Money” to load funds to your Flex Dollars Account or your MRUEats account. You can also load money onto your ONECard throught the Transact eAccounts app, available for iOS and Android

 What are the requirements for a ONECard photo?

  • The photo must be easily viewed, in focus and recognizable as you without any app filters applied.
  • The photo must taken against a plain, light background -- like a wall or a closed door.
  • The photo must be a colour photo and show a clear, front view of the applicant’s full face and shoulders if possible.
  • Hats, headbands or sunglasses may not be worn in the photo.
  • The photo must be a head and shoulders portrait, in focus, of only the applicant (within the last year).
  • The applicant’s eyes must be open and looking directly ahead.
  • Photo must be taken directly in front of the face; photos taken to show the face from the side or an angle are not acceptable.
  • Scans of photos that were used on other identification (drivers license, passport) are not acceptable photos.
  • You must also submit a piece of government-issued photo ID for identify verification.
  • A second photo of yourself does not qualify as a piece of government ID. Your ID should clearly show your name, photo and date of birth.

How can I gift funds to someone’s ONECard?

If you are a parent or guardian wanting to add money to a student’s ONECard, or simply want to load money onto a ONECard for a cardholder, head over to the ONECard Portal and follow the steps under Load funds.

How can I get a OneCard as a Conservatory student?

Conservatory students who need practice room access can request their ONECard by completing the Print Request form. When completing this, make sure to select that it is for the Conservatory to get the correct application form. Selecting anything else will result in there being delays getting your card. ONECards for Conservatory students can be picked up at the Conservatory reception desk in the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts.

Where is the ONECard Desk located?

The ONECard Desk is located in the Cougars Campus Store (H100). We follow the same hours as the store, and you can find the most up to date hours here.