HIRE a Co-operative Education / Work Experience Student

WHAT is Co-operative Education (Co-op) / Work Experience?

Both Co-op and Work Experience partner education with work. Students apply their learning in the classroom to a workplace setting for a minimum of 450 hours per 4 month period.

WHY hire a Co-op/Work Experience student?

  1. New generation of ideas - bring what they have learned in the classroom to the workplace - latest research, technology, trends
  2. Enthusiasm - bring energy to the work environment -  they are eager to learn and apply what they’ve learned
  3. Fill in staffing gaps - hire students to supplement your peak periods and special projects. Students are available from a variety of programs (see drop down menu at the bottom of the page) including Arts, Business, Communications, and Sciences. Students may be available for up to three x 450 hour work terms and may be extended to 8 and 12 month work terms. 
  4. Cost effective - affordable way to staff - various funding options are available to hire Co-op/Work Experience students
  5. Find your future employees - many employers use work terms as a recruitment tool to scout students to hire after graduation

HOW to hire a Co-op / Work Experience Student

Determine your hiring needs - where can students help your business?

Identify what skills and qualifications you are looking for and from which programs you would like to recruit from (see the drop down menu at the bottom of this page)

Post your opportunity on our free Work Experience Job Board - create an account in MyCareerHub and post your position on the Work Experience Job Board

Explore funding - depending on your type of business, student position and targeted program, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

Ask for assistance - MRU Career Services has a dedicated team of Partner Engagement Coordinators specializing in a variety of sectors. We will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure a positive and impactful experience for your business. Please contact workexperiencejobs@Mtroyal.ca.

Recruitment and Hiring - you will receive applications from students and you would recruit/hire just like a regular employee except that you will be required to complete and provide MRU with a Safety Checklist and a copy of the Offer of Employment.


HOW to Manage and Support a Co-op/Work Experience Student

  • Determine who will supervise your student
  • Provide orientation to the workplace
  • Discuss the role and performance expectations
  • The supervisor will need to ensure regular check-ins with the student, be available to answer questions and provide guidance.
  • The supervisor will be required to complete a midpoint and end of work term performance evaluation. 
  • The supervisor will also meet with the MRU Career Services at the midpoint of the student work term.


Contact us

Career Services Office
Phone: 403.440.6307
Email: workexperiencejobs@mtroyal.ca