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Whether it’s finding a job board, looking into our workshops & events, making an appointment with Career Services, or finding a resource, we’re here for you. Check out the buttons below.


MyCareerHub is a platform that connects MRU students with employers, jobs and career opportunities. Use MyCareerHub to find workshops, events and other career development resources and services.


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Workshops and Events
Job and Volunteer Boards
Check out our calendar of events and find workshops offered by Career Services. Find tips on how to write a resume, find a job or explore careers. Access work term, full-time and part-time job opportunities posted by local and national employers.
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Career Mentorship Programs
Personalized Career Guidance
Co-op and Work Experience
Inspiring lifelong learning through transformational mentorship experiences.


Learn more about eCareer Portfolio and Career Accelerator Programs.


Explore programs that can help you gain program-relevant experience and skills.