Frequently asked questions for employers

What are Work Experience and Co-operative Education Programs?

Work experience is the generic term Mount Royal University uses for mandatory employer-paid work experience terms in four-year degree programs. Co-operative Education is the term used for optional employer-paid work experience terms in four-year degree programs. Work experience provides students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills by applying classroom learning in the workplace. The number of work terms students complete varies by program.

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Are students prepared for the workplace?

Each student must meet program-specific eligibility requirements to ensure that core competencies for success in the workplace are met. The work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator can provide specific details on eligibility requirements.

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How long is each work term?

Students are available for up to four and/or eight-month work terms depending on their program of study. A minimum of 450 hours (12 weeks) of work is required for students to receive credit for the experience. Shorter contracts or part-time options can also be accommodated in some programs. Contact the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator for details.

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When are students available? When does the recruiting process begin?

Student work terms generally start in January, May and/or September. The recruiting process can begin up to four months in advance of the anticipated start date, depending on the program. Contact the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator for student availability.

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How much are students paid?

Monetary arrangements, employment status and terms of employment are at the discretion of the employer. The work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator will be able to provide you with typical salary ranges for students in each program, if required.

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How does the recruiting process work?

The recruiting process is convenient and cost-free.

  • The employer provides a detailed job description via the online posting service. The employer will be contacted by the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator to discuss the position and to complete a safety checklist in compliance with Mount Royal's Off-Campus Safety Policy.
  • The coordinator will submit the job description to faculty for approval to ensure that the position meets the learning objectives for the program.
  • Once approved, the position will be posted on our website at no charge. Only qualified work experience students have access to this website.
  • The Career Services office will collect resumes and cover letters from students on the employer's behalf. Academic transcripts, writing samples, certifications, and/or portfolios can be requested as well. Career Services will forward all of the resume packages to the employer via email or courier once the application period has closed.
  • The employer provides the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator with the interview candidate short list and a list of available interview time slots. The coordinator will contact the students and arrange the interviews. The employer will receive confirmation of the interview schedule. Interviews can be conducted at the employer's place of business, on campus, or by telephone - just advise Career Services of your preference. Campus interview rooms and parking passes are provided at no-charge.
  • As this is a learning process, Career Services asks employers to complete an Interview Performance Feedback form for each student interviewed.

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How are employment offers extended to students?

Once the employer has selected a student candidate to hire:

  • Contact the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator. All offers are extended to students through the Career Services office. Once an offer is received, the student will have 48 hours to make a decision on the position. Employment offers can be made:
    • Verbally and then confirmed in writing, using a written letter of offer
    • Using an offer form provided by Career Services
  • Written offers and confirmations should outline start and end dates, salary, hours of work, job title, supervisor, etc. The work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator will verbally advise the employer of the student's decision to accept or decline the offer.
  • If the offer is accepted, the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator will confirm the placement with the employer in writing.

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As an employer, what is required once the student is on the work site?

Mount Royal requires that all work experience employers:

  • Provide a challenging, professional work experience related to the student's academic studies.
  • Provide an orientation to the workplace, including safety policies and procedures.
  • Provide an immediate supervisor to assist and monitor the student on the job.
  • Discuss work term expectations with the student including tasks, projects, deadlines, policies, etc.
  • Complete an evaluation of the student's work performance at the midterm point and the end of the work term and discuss them with the student. Mount Royal provides the evaluation form. We also encourage employers to provide ongoing verbal feedback to the student.
  • Allow the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator and/or Mount Royal faculty representative to conduct a brief mid term visit either via telephone or in person.
  • Contact the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator if any questions or concerns arise.

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What recourse is available if the student is not meeting expectations?

The student should be provided an opportunity to learn from the experience and to improve their performance. In this regard, the employer is encouraged to meet with the student to discuss the situation, clarify goals, provide guidance where necessary, and establish a timeline for improvement. If the concern persists, the employer is asked to document the issue and to contact the work experience or Co-operative Education coordinator for support and/or intervention. Subsequently, if the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the employer has the right to terminate the student's work term.

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What resources are available to hire a student who faces disability-related barriers?

A number of resources are available to employers through Mount Royal, some of which include:

  • Access to a work experience coordinator who will provide support to both the student and employer throughout the work term process
  • Work experience and Co-operative Education coordinators are supported by the Accessibility Services department at Mount Royal. Access advisors can provide information to assist coordinators, employers and students on appropriate accommodations for students who face disability-related barriers in the workplace.
  • Career Services has compiled information to assist employers with some frequently asked questions entitled Accessibility in the Workplace

Career Services at Mount Royal University values diversity in academic and workplace settings and strives toward reasonable accommodation for students who experience disabilities.

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