Bachelor of Communication - Information Design

About the program

As strong visual communicators and writers, students in the Bachelor of Communication - Information Design program organize and convey vital information for a variety of audiences. With their specialized education in traditional and evolving communication principles, students gain the necessary skills to be dynamic information designers across private and public sectors of corporate communications, publishing, instructional design, marketing, and information technology. Information Design students are professional communicators who develop print and digital materials that are clear, effective and engaging.

Students enrolled in this unique four-year degree program complete eight semesters in an interdisciplinary curriculum created to develop the best in their profession. The Bachelor of Communication - Information Design degree combines skills in visual communication, writing, research, project management and usability testing that reaches far beyond traditional programs in design, technical communication or publishing. In addition to their academics, students receive intensive workplace preparation and complete one 4-month paid work experience term at the end of their second year of study. This work experience has a transformative impact on their next two years as students at MRU.

What our students can do for you

Information Design students develop both hard and soft skills as they learn how to:

  • Write content and organize text and images collaboratively to convey a clear or more powerful message
  • Apply user-centric design thinking methods to their work
  • Place a strong emphasis on process and collaboration to arrive at strategic solutions for complex problems

They can:

  • Design, write, edit, manage content and develop information architecture for web and print
  • Create engaging promotional, educational and instructional material
  • Assist in brand development
  • Plan audience research and conduct user needs task analysis
  • Develop effective online communication strategies, brochures, reports, advertisements, manuals, interfaces and presentations
  • Apply a variety of social media strategies to support specific communication approaches
  • Create succinct and compelling typography, images, charts, data visualization, infographics and visual identities
  • Improve or develop instructional material, technical documents, forms and wayfinding assets

Student availability

Information Design students are required to complete 450 hours of work in the spring/summer semester (May through August).

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You can post a job online or provide a detailed job description to the work experience coordinator. Postings submitted online will be verified by a work experience coordinator.

For more information, contact:

Lynn Dittmer
Work Experience Coordinator
Bachelor of Communication - Information Design
Phone: 403.440.6965
Email: ldittmer@mtroyal.ca