Bachelor of Business Administration - Social Innovation

About the program

Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Business Administration - Social Innovation program leverages a foundation in business skills with a focus on value driven management, civic engagement, and community involvement positioning students and graduates to lead social change in the corporate, public or community sectors.

Students can extend their learning and apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting by combining their education with three optional, paid Co-operative Education work terms. Students must apply for admission to the Co-op option, complete core academic course work prior to each work term, meet GPA requirements, and successfully complete an Orientation to Co-operative Education course which provides them with pre-employment training and eases their transition to work. All of these requirements combine to ensure students are able to make genuine and valuable contributions in the workplace.

Partnering with Mount Royal as a Co-op employer is your opportunity to access talented young professionals while contributing to outstanding programs.

What our students can do for you


Through versatile and interdisciplinary curricula, students will have the theoretical background and practical skills to design high impact projects and affect change within their organizations. Whether local, regional or global in scope, our students examine issues using a systems-thinking lens on important questions of community prosperity, sustainability, citizenship, shared value and ethics.

Students may support your organization in the following ways:


  • Management skills - plan, implement and evaluate programs for greater social or environmental impact
  • Client consultation - collect data, stories & evidence to design high impact creative client proposals to create a case for support
  • Conduct research and interviews; develop, administer and analyze surveys and synthesize data
  • Developing strategic ventures for community partners to support social enterprise development, start-ups and innovation
  • Implement engagement strategies, incorporate storytelling to facilitate conversations with different audiences and stakeholders to build support and impact change
  • Systems Mapping - collecting data and documenting multiple perspectives effecting social issues
  • Understand key messages and processes, using infographics, system mapping and design thinking tools for clear visual representation
  • Build social capital and leverage relationships with community stakeholders to support civic engagement and innovation
  • Create, prototype and measure scalable solutions that attract and engage relevant communities and networks in challenging the status quo and making change
  • Apply practical skills in policy development, implementation and analysis
  • Manage community engagement and events including vendor relationships, logistics and volunteer management

Student availability

Students may be available in January, May or September for paid work terms that can be 4 or 8 months in length. Each 4-month term must provide a minimum of 450 hours of work for a student. To secure the best pool of candidates, job postings should be submitted 3 to 4 months in advance of the anticipated work term start date unless otherwise advised by the program coordinator.

How to hire a student

Our recruiting process is convenient and cost-free.

Post online

You can post a job online or provide a detailed job description which will be verified by a Co-operative Education coordinator.

Note: New postings are subject to approval by Career Services and program faculty.

For more information contact:

Career Services
Phone: 403.440.6307
Email: studentjobs@mtroyal.ca

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