Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies

About the program

Policy Studies is the integration of policy, research, economics and governmental relations in the public and private sectors at the level of policy determination. While it is related to the disciplines of political science and economics, it is a field of study in its own right. The Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies program has a unique, comprehensive curriculum which incorporates one internship semester.

The four-year degree includes interdisciplinary coursework in Political Science, Economics, Statistics and Methodology, Canadian Public Finance, Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, International Trade, Public/Private Law Principles, Managing and Implementing Public Policy, Technical Writing, and Politics and the Media.

With their combined knowledge and practical experience, graduates of the Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies program will be in an excellent position to take advantage of the growing demand for their skills. Graduates will be qualified for policy-relevant positions in private, public, and not-for-profit settings. Labour market factors include current and projected attrition rates of professionals in existing policy-related positions, population growth with increasing need for policy-related services, as well as the increasing regulatory complexity of the new global economy.

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What our students can do for you

  • Analyze trends, conduct research, source information and collect data
  • Contribute technical writing skills used in manuals, reports, policy briefings or grant applications
  • Understand government structures and regulatory boards, and the relationships with business and interest groups
  • Conduct quantitative statistical analysis and interpret results
  • Understand the impact of globalization, world politics and international trade
  • Apply qualitative research methodology such as in surveys or focus groups
  • Test theories and apply critical reasoning
  • Understand the public policy development process and frameworks

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Student availability

Students are available for internships year-round with the highest availability from May to August.

How to hire a student

Our recruiting process is convenient and cost-free.

Post online

Post a job online or provide a detailed job description to the work experience coordinator. Postings submitted online will be verified by a work experience coordinator.

Note: New postings are subject to approval by Career Services and program faculty.

For more information contact:

Career Services
Phone: 403.440.6307
Email: studentjobs@mtroyal.ca

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