Bachelor of Business Administration - Supply Chain Management

About the program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Supply Chain Management program allows students to complete core and optional courses in their chosen area(s) of focus. BBA students have a Co-operative Education option to add practical real-world experience through three full-time work terms.

Courses offered in the Supply Chain Management program expose students to the process of strategically directing the flow and transportation of goods from raw materials through to the consumer, in the most efficient, cost-effective means. Areas of study include: production planning, logistics management, purchasing, inventory management, material handling, transportation, enterprise resource planning, customer relations, global logistics, e-commerce, information systems and electronic business.

The Co-operative Education component of this program connects employers with students who are eager to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. Student workers bring fresh perspective and enthusiastic contributions to an organization while enhancing their skills and confidence. Being a Co-op employer is your opportunity to reach out and build relationships with prospective talent while contributing to outstanding programs.

What our students can do for you

  • Conduct basic demand forecasting, inventory management calculations, and analysis
  • Participate in research and provide insights on current supply chain best practices
  • Support and contribute to company procurement strategy using the fundamentals of purchasing
  • Systematically identify and address logistical issues using research, analysis, and communication skills
  • Apply practical knowledge about inter-modal transfer, materials handling, and warehouse linkages
  • Deploy technology and organizational management skills to transportation firms
  • Promote quality assurance and ISO standards towards continuous improvement
  • Work effectively with key internal stakeholders who influence the supply chain

Student availability

Students are available for paid work terms that can be 4, 8 or 12 months in length. Each 4-month term should equate to a minimum of 450 hours of work for a student. Work terms can start in January, May or September depending on student availability. To secure the best pool of candidates, job postings should be submitted 3 to 4 months in advance of the anticipated work term start date unless otherwise advised by the program coordinator.

How to hire a student

Our recruiting process is convenient and cost-free.

Post online

You can post a job online or provide a detailed job description which will be verified by a Co-operative Education coordinator.

Note: New postings are subject to approval by Career Services and program faculty.

For more information contact:

Career Services
Phone: 403.440.6307
Email: studentjobs@mtroyal.ca

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