Bachelor of Communication - Information Design

What kinds of work experience opportunities may be available?

The Bachelor of Communication - Information Design degree was created to develop communications professionals who, through the use of traditional and evolving design principles, create information that is clear, concise and effective. More than graphic design and writing, students understand the importance of content management, typography and project management in the creation of print and web-based products.

Students enrolled in this degree program will complete their work terms in a variety of sectors in Alberta, outside the province or internationally. Students work in industries such as publishing, design, information technology, oil and gas, engineering, health, government, finance and non-profit. Students may find themselves working as graphic designers, technical writers, web designers, intranet developers, writers and/or editors for both print and web. They may also take on roles working as an instructional designer, editor, content developer or researcher.

How do I prepare for my work experience term(s)?

In addition to core courses, students must successfully complete COMM 4690 (Issues and Workplace Preparation) prior to their first work term.

Topics covered in INFO 4690 include:

  • Orientation to the work term process
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • Self-marketing and networking
  • Work sample development
  • Business acumen and workplace conduct
  • Industry-specific trends and labour market conditions

When do I do my work experience term(s)?

You will be expected to complete your first work term during the spring semester following your second year in the program. To qualify, you must successfully complete the core Information Design courses and COMM 4690. A second optional work term may be completed in the spring semester following your third year in the program.

What about expenses?

  • Both INFO 4690 and each work term are non-credit courses and have fees attached to them. Please consult the 2019/20 Tuition and Fee Schedules for more information.
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the work site.
  • If you accept a position outside of Calgary, you will be responsible for your own relocation and living expenses in that location unless otherwise indicated by the employer.