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Informal recognition practices are led and established within the division, department, or faculty. These practices recognize staff, faculty, management and exempt employees for their contributions that are aligned with strategies and goals at a local level. Making recognition a priority and creating opportunities for employees to be recognized within the division, department or faculty allows for more meaningful recognition experiences.

Where do I start?

Before starting to develop new forms of informal recognition, determine what is already in place. It is likely that some practices, events and tools exist, even if they have not been formally documented. Take an inventory to see where:

  • Potential gaps exist
  • Adjustments could be made to enhance current practices
  • Old practices could be phased out

Ideas to help get started

There are endless options when it comes to informal recognition. Examples of what informal recognition could look like include:

  • Team Meetings
  • 1:1 with the leader
  • Recognition cards (coming soon!)
  • Team building opportunities
  • Professional development events/opportunities
  • Coffee, tea, lunch 
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Emails

Have questions or want to share what your team does? Email us at recognition@mtroyal.ca.