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Celebrate U is about recognizing our wins, big and small. Oftentimes, this means providing recognition that is informal and personal to those receiving it. 

Everyone has a part to play in recognizing the efforts of our colleagues and sharing sincere, meaningful messages of gratitude and appreciation. Consideration for recognition should be given to the individual to ensure that it is meaningful.

For these moments, we wanted to provide some resources to help you provide this recognition in a way that is meaningful and accessible to all employees.

Recognition tips for leaders

Here are a few things to consider when giving recognition:

  • All employees are eligible to receive recognition. 
  • Recognition should be meaningful, appropriate and consistently offered. 
  • Recognition acknowledges and supports MRU’s strategic values
  • When planning team recognition, ensure that it helps build cooperation and collaboration, and improves communication. 
  • Asking other departments or faculties for their input is also a great way to ensure that recognition remains equitable in areas across campus.

Templates and Tools

Don’t see something?

If you have ideas, tools or tips that you think would support your colleagues in offering recognition, send us a message at recognition@mtroyal.ca.