Healthy MRU

Students, employees, visitors: everyone contributes to the health of the Mount Royal campus community. We can all do our part to keep ourselves — and others — healthy. Practising good hygiene — including hand washing, and sneezing or coughing into your elbow — and following the guidelines below are simple ways you can add to the health and safety of those around you.

There are also physical and mental health resources available for students and employees to support your overall health. From student counselling and mental health supports offered by Wellness Services to the on-campus primary-care medical clinic to Mount Royal’s Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) with its wealth of resources, there is assistance available when you need it.

Stay home when sick

If you are sick, please stay home. It is the best way to limit the spread of illness in the Mount Royal community.


  • If your absence impacts your course work expectations, complete the MRU Student Illness Report Form. This will provide you with a record of your illness that you can share with your instructors in navigating academic impacts your absence may cause. It also allows the University to monitor and respond as needed to the situation on campus.
  • If greater issues or concerns arise due to illness, you can access Early Support as needed. Instructors can also refer students to this resource.


  • If you feel able to work from home while ill, please work with your supervisor/manager to determine your ability to do so.
  • If you are unable to work, discuss the appropriate leave as per the Collective Agreement or Terms and Conditions of your employment with your supervisor/manager.


Masking is still encouraged for those who wish to continue with this form of mitigation. Masks are available at the Cougars Campus Store for employees and students.  

Stay up-to-date on vaccinations

Whether it’s flu, COVID-19 or another illness such as measles, vaccinations are a proven method of protecting you and those around you from diseases. Wyckham Pharmacy on campus provides vaccines. Not sure about your vaccination status? You can check through MyHealth Records. Learn more.

Did you know?

On-campus mental health nurses provide mental and physical assessments in order to triage your medical need for support. This free support in Wellness Services is available to all current MRU students, employees and faculty. Book an appointment over the phone (403.440.6326) or in person at the Health Services medical clinic (Room U216). Appointments are available daily. Bookings are not accepted by email or voicemail. Learn more.