Professional Designations & Post-Graduate Studies

We know you're just finishing your degree now, but head's up, learning is a life long activity. We've outlined some tips for pursuing professional designations and grad school, but you can also consider other options like MOOCs, continuing education courses and independent learning.

Considerations include your industry norms, your energy level, financial situation, grades and career goals.

Professional Designations

What is a designation?

A professional designation is a formal recognition that a person can earn from an external organization, demonstrating to employers and their clients that the person has achieved a particular standard of excellence in their field of work.  The road to a professional designation could include completing additional coursework, accreditation examinations, professional development and verified work experience post graduation from MRU.

Students are encouraged to follow the links below and learn as much as possible so they can make the best career choices possible. Knowing more about the programs will also help students select their courses and establish employment contacts for after graduation.

If students have further questions about a specific designation, they are encouraged to reach out to the organization directly.

Even if there is no industry designation regulating your profession, belonging to an Industry or occupational association is helpful. Resources, networking, mentorship and professional development opportunities will help you get your career get off the ground (eg. Calgary Marketing Association).

Graduate School Opportunities

Planning for graduate and/or professional schools starts early. Career services has tip sheets to help with exploring grad school as an option, and for help applying to grad schools.

Attend the annual Graduate Studies fair in October to get connected to the schools you are interested in and find out what matters most in their admissions process.

If grad school might be an option for you in future, but not immediately, make a plan to keep in touch with favorite professors, and/or secure their agreement to provide a reference now. Chances are they won't remember you well in enough in future to write a very detailed reference (even if they are still in favor).

If you need to improve your grades first, consider a Post-bachelor's Business Administration certificate in Marketing, Human Resources or Accounting.

Alternative ways to keep learning

  • Take advantage of MRUs Continuing Education and credit free classes - there are a number of certificates that compliment your degree
  • Free courses online (MOOC)
  • Keep reading! You still have access to the MRU Library as alumni, and this is not limited to books. Check out some of the free courses on computer programming and using the Maker Space.