Congrats!  You're almost done your degree! To close the circle on your time at MRU,  just as you applied for admission to your program, you need to apply to graduate.  Please see the important information below about graduation and convocation.

And don't forget to thank your supporters (parents, favorite professors and friends) for helping to make it happen!

Applying for Graduation

Students need to apply to graduate from their credential.  This process ensures that students have completed the requirements to their degree as declared.  Students apply to graduate through their account as soon as they are registered in their final courses. Even if you are registered in courses elsewhere on a Letter of Permission, apply to graduate early; the application asks if you are presently completing courses elsewhere. 

If you have declared a double major, you can contact your Records Evaluator to discuss which major you wish to appear first on your parchment. Minors do not appear on parchments.

Further information can be found online, and questions can be directed to if they can't be answered by a Business Advisor.


If you are finishing your degree at the end of the Fall or Winter semester, you must apply to graduate by February 28.

If you are finishing your degree at the end of the Spring or Summer semester, you must apply to graduate by July 31.


Students intending on attending the convocation ceremony to receive their parchment (their degree), need to register online through their account.  Questions about convocation can answered online or can be directed to

For information on getting professional photographs, please see the information posted online for Lifetouch Photography, MRUs official graduation and convocation photographers.

For students that choose not to or are unable to attend convocation, their parchments will be mailed to them after the ceremony.  Please make sure that your address is up-to-date in your account.