Deirdre Bailey

Academic Title: Contract Instructor 

M.Ed., University of Calgary
B.Ed., University of Calgary
BSc., St. Francis Xavier University

Contact Information 

Deirdre Bailey is a teacher, an adventurer, a researcher, and an activist who believes in extending teaching and learning beyond the school community through reconciliation, relationship-building, and consideration of diverse perspectives. Her pedagogy reflects a commitment to designing learning experiences in which students have the opportunity to engage intellectually and emotionally with authentic questions, inviting in-depth exploration of a topic and its place in the world. Over the past decade, Deirdre has worked as a classroom teacher in middle school Math, Science, Physical and Outdoor Education, served as a Portfolio Leader for Outdoor and Environmental Education, and provided teacher professional learning as a math education specialist. Deirdre is currently teaching part-time with both Mount Royal University and the Werklund School of Education in Calgary. When not engaged in education, Deirdre loves long wilderness wanders with her husband and two young children, running, skiing, poetry, morning coffee, horses, fresh rainfall and Irish music.