Homa Rafiei

Academic Title:  Contract Faculty

PhD, University of Tehran
MPESS, Islamic Azad University
BELT, Payame Noor University

Contact Information:
Office: U243N
Email: hmilajerdi@mtroyal.ca
Phone: 403.440.6084

Dr. Homa Rafiei Milajerdi completed her PhD studies in 2019 at the Tehran University, Iran, where she specialized in Motor Development, Sport Sciences with a focused on the use of active video games to aid social skills, executive functioning, and motor development for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Her postdoctoral appointment, at the Sport Technology Research Lab, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, has been funded by Autism Asperger Friendship Society of Calgary. Her research has been focused on how technological tools and innovative approaches improve physical literacy, and health related quality of life. She was a university instructor in Iran for years and taught swimming and fitness.