Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing



Be well prepared for a rewarding nursing career by taking Mount Royal University's accredited Bachelor of Nursing program. Promoting the health and wellness of people and communities is at the heart of this undergraduate degree. The four-year curriculum has been designed to meet the challenges facing today's nurses. You will graduate with confidence in your knowledge and skills and ready to contribute in any number of settings within this growing health care field.

See an immediate impact

Your BN practice assignments take you out into the community. With classmates, you assess needs and see how nursing can support and promote health. While you learn, you make a difference.

Focus on health, not illness

From day one, you explore issues and ethics that contribute to a healthy community. You focus on promoting health and wellness of groups of people, community-wide.

BN Experience

The BN courses provide you with knowledge and practical skills, including:

  • in-depth theoretical knowledge
  • extensive practice experience in a variety of health care settings
  • a keen understanding of nursing issues and ethics
  • the ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment
  • a well-rounded education
  • a credential from an accredited recognized, respected nursing program
  • the necessary preparation to successfully complete the national nursing registration exam

As a Registered Nurse:

  • you have the option of specializing in an area such as surgery, pediatrics, mental health or geriatrics. Providing direct patient care is foremost, but you may also maintain records and supervise other nurses and other health support staff.
  • you will care for clients in their homes. Your duties will change according to the needs of each client, providing a healthy dose of variety to your job.
  • take your skills into the community by visiting schools, nursing homes, community centres or private residences. Your role differs from a nurse in a hospital or clinical setting, because being out in the public you can identify health trends and target populations at risk.

Benefit from a well-rounded education

In addition to nursing courses and practice, the BN program includes the General Education component that helps prepare you for your future by ensuring you have a well-rounded knowledge base. These include four key areas of study:

  • numeracy and scientific literacy
  • communication
  • community and society
  • values, beliefs and identity