Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokay

The Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokay, provides cultural support to students and employees of the Iniskim Centre and throughout Mount Royal University Campus. 

You can visit the Medicine Trail Program coordinator to be a part of small and large group cultural teachings. You may also see the coordinator for support and guidance. The Iniskim Centre offers students a place and the resources to smudge each morning and hosts various ceremonies throughout the year.

You may need to access the coordinator during your studies, as a resource or a guide on Indigenous studies and cultures. The coordinator will also support your professors by connecting them with wisdom keepers, elders, or resources. The Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokay, works with various departments and faculties to support curriculum and research. Elders and knowledge keepers are important resources in a variety of courses, and we are honoured that many are regularly on campus.

On campus, the coordinator provides cultural awareness training for students and employees, spiritual advising, networking opportunities, mentorship opportunities, and support for our community. Contact usFor more information about the Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokay, please contact:

Dion Simon

Medicine Trail Program Coordinator
403.440.8742  |
Iniskim Centre


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