Indigenous Housing Program

Indigenous Housing Program
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About the Indigenous Housing ProgramYou can apply to the Indigenous Housing Program as a student who has self-identified as a First Nations, Métis, Non-status or Inuit.  You will be eligible for a subsidy on your residence, whether it is a single unit, family unit or an accessible unit.  If you are accepted into the program the coordinator will help you to connect to campus resources, to be a part of the community, and to provide advice and support. 

We offer single, affordable housing in units spread out across campus.  As part of the program you will participate in monthly event outings and meetings which highlight student success, cultural connections, resources and community building.  There are also many ways that you can volunteer for events on campus.

As residents of family units, you will be able to live on campus year-round with your children.  Campus facilities that you can access include a wellness centre and child care centre.  Family units are in a quiet area of campus as a small, family friendly community.  Family events include monthly meetings, cultural events and community building.

You can apply online for the Indigenous Housing Program as you are applying for residence.  You are eligible for the program based on academic readiness, academic and career goals, as well as financial.  As a student in residence, you also benefit from all the residence services of Mount Royal University.

Application form

Please click this link for the online application and Resident Services: Mount Royal Residence.

Contact Us
For more information or to apply to the Indigenous Student Housing Program, please contact the Indigenous Housing Coordinator

Steve Kootenay-Jobin
Housing and Events Coordinator
Iniskim Centre, Rom T110
403-440-7746 |

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The Iniskim Centre is an academic support centre offering First Nations, Métis and Inuit students opportunities to enroll and succeed in Mount Royal University Programs.  Mount Royal University is located on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people, the Niisitapi.  The Iniskim Centre recognizes and respects the diversity of all Indigenous peoples of Canada.  The Centre also increases the awareness of distinct Indigenous cultures, history and protocols across the University. We are located in T110, on the first floor in T-Wing near Tim Hortons. 

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