Oki, Amba'wastitch, Danit'ada, Tansi and Congratulations!

Although the signing of Treaty 7 occurred on September 22, 1877, our ancestors were connected into tribally for generations before. In 1910, Mount Royal College, as it was known then, was granted a charter to begin operating as a post-secondary institution. Now, as a degree-granting institution, we graduate more than a hundred First Nation, Métis, Inuit and non-status Indigenous students every year.

Imagine our ancestors from that time seeing you today, as graduates that have learned to walk in both the western and Indigenous worlds — this was their hope and dreams for the seventh generation. 

Every year, we want to acknowledge this momentous occasion — recognize your hard work; celebrate with you, family and community; and continually raise awareness of Indigenous peoples, cultures and student support throughout MRU and the greater community.

It is our honour to invite you to the Mount Royal University Indigenous Graduation.

Past celebrations

Spring 2021's online gathering



Spring and Fall 2019, Winter and Spring 2020's online gathering



Please email Steve Kootenay-Jobin at skootenayjobin@mtroyal.ca or Marija Small Legs at msmalllegs@mtroyal.ca