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About the Student Success ProgramEach week, the Iniskim Centre hosts a variety of services for students:

  • Office hours for various instructors and professors - Your professor may use the centre as a way to connect with students in the course
  • A woman's group - women gather to support one another as they go to university
  • Accessibility Services - your learning needs are met by staff of the university to let you know about learning accommodations, technology or assessments
  • Writing and Learning Supports - small group sessions are held on writing, studying, referencing
  • Library Support - a librarian helps with research, ideas and possible resources for your studies
  • Counseling Services - a counselor is available for you to consult with in the centre, one day a week
  • Academic Advising - meet with an advisor to create a proper academic plan before you begin and while you are on your academic journey
  • Workshops - various workshops are offered that will help you to successfully complete your papers, scholarship applications and budget

Student Success Coordinator

The student success coordinator contacts students if they are failing or put on academic probation. Students are invited to seek the support of the Centre and to review options. The coordinator also helps students with scholarship and bursaries by providing workshops with information and how to apply. The coordinator helps you to know about MRU policies and can support with the communication between you and funding agents. The coordinator can also help with the communication between you and your instructors.

Contact UsIf you have any questions, please contact:

Marija Small Legs

Student Success Coordinator
Iniskim Centre, Room T110
403.440.6285 |

The Iniskim Centre is an academic support centre offering First Nations, Métis and Inuit students opportunities to enroll and succeed in Mount Royal University Programs. Mount Royal University is located on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people, the Niisitapi. The Iniskim Centre recognizes and respects the diversity of all Indigenous peoples of Canada. The Centre also increases the awareness of distinct Aboriginal cultures, history and protocols across the University. We are located in T110, on the first floor in T-Wing near Tim Hortons.