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There are a number of exciting International Field School Opportunities for MRU students.

What are Field Schools?During a Field School, a group of Mount Royal University faculty and students travel together for two to six weeks as they complete an academically robust, experiential learning course. Students complete course work integrated with their destinations and receive credit for one or two Mount Royal University courses.



What makes Field Schools unique? Field Schools are more than just tourism. Field Schools are academically focused, immersive, experiential learning opportunities that create a powerful, enriching learning experience. Many Field Schools are cross disciplinary. This can help you to grow in your discipline as you apply your particular lens to the field school setting and collaborate with students from other disciplines.

Field Schools are an opportunity for growth. A Field School can be a transformative experience as you jump outside of your comfort zone. It is an excellent opportunity for personal and academic growth.

Field Schools build connections. Connections made with locals during your Field School globalize your network. This has lead to work and further projects for students in the past.

Field Schools are group travel experiences. You are supported by Mount Royal University faculty and your Field School cohort throughout the experience.

Field Schools are accessible to a wide variety of students. Field Schools usually run in the spring semester so they do not interfere with your regular program during Fall and Winter semesters.

Hear from students who have gone on a Field School

“I was hoping to learn more about myself, and finish the field school a different person than when I started. This is exactly what happened. I am so honoured to have travelled on this trip and to grow so much as an individual. What I believed to be the extent of my mental, and physical boundaries has been exceeded. I now know no bounds to what I am able to do, discover, and learn. As self-confidence is a measure of what one can do, self-esteem is a measure of ones belief in their worth. I believe that this trip has not only improved the former, but more importantly, has helped me understand the importance of the latter, an element of my life that has been greatly neglected throughout my university experience.”
- Alea completed a Field School in  Sri Lanka

“In regards to the personal value, the Ghana 2018 field school was a place of great personal growth and expansion. The lived experience in a new, diverse, and rich culture provided so many learning opportunities and personal improvements. Being fully immersed in a new culture that consists of new perspectives, different belief systems, and different cultural norms pushes students to see the world in a new light and to understand that their education is something of real value in the world. The students were all faced with the threat of culture shock and the reality of living within a new culture; however, the lived experience within Ghana called upon the strength of the students to experience the world and their education as it was in the
Ghanian context. Despite the difficulties of being in a new culture, the experience of living in it and being surrounded in it provided the necessary environment to overcome hardships and to look reality in the face. This exposure and experience is something that can’t lived through a classroom; but instead, is something that only happens when you embrace a culture and its people full on and with open arms.”
- Kristee completed a Field School in Ghana

“The Guatemala Fair Trade Field School was an opportunity to be immersed in a different
culture and solidify specific business topics. This included fair trade and direct trade theory
along with social business initiatives. There is no possible way to compare the learning from the
experience in a field school to that of a classroom. The constant conversation and discovery of
these topics exceeded any learning that could have occured in a classroom. The benefits of the
field school are obvious and long lasting.”
- Ryan completed a Field School in Guatemala

“This field school really opened my eyes to the outdoor industry and the endless possibilities. It confirmed my desire that this is the direction I want to go with my career and it really is the people that make or break the experiences. The international learning and applicable leadership practice we got was a great compliment to the theoretical side that we receive at Mount Royal. In my opinion everyone should do at least one field school during their degree to obtain additional training and to be exposed to people of a different culture.”
- Mangus completed a Field School in Norway

See what students have done during previous Field Schools:

Canoes for Peru is a documentary produced by a young film crew out of New Zealand, who accompanied Joe Pavelka, professor, Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (ETOL) program, and the Canoes for Peru MRU group for their month-long excursion in 2014. 

TV Production Field School Group Projects - Four video documentaries that 12 journalism and broadcasting MRU students produced working with 16 Mexican students at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Shri Ram Ashram Field School Group Projects - Multi-media projects prepared by students who participated in the India Field School in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Social Work Students Experience Field School in Peru, 2011

MRU X Paris Spring Study Exchange 2017 Blog


Upcoming Field Schools


TitleLocationSemesterInfo SessionApplication Deadline
India 2020IndiaSpring 2020 Ongoing
Sri Lanka 2020Sri LankaSpring 2020March 27 at 4 p.m. in EA 1067

October 4, 2019

Holocaust Studies Field School

France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland

Spring 2020

September 10 at 12 pm in TBD

September 13 at 12 pm in TBD

September 27, 2019
Sustainable EuropeU.K., Netherlands, Denmark,GermanySpring 2020TBDOctober 30, 2019
Indigenous HawaiiU.S.A.Spring 2020TBDNovember 15, 2019
Norway Field SchoolNorwaySpring 2020TBDNovember 8, 2019
 The American Civil War: History and Memory U.S.A.Spring 2019 Closed
 International Documentary ProductionMexicoSpring 2019 Closed
Peru Field SchoolPeruSpring 2019 Closed

 Professional Practice in Child Health Nursing:

Local to Global Indigenous Field School

Hawaii, U.S.A.Winter 2019 Closed

How to start the process to go on a Field School: Attend an Info Session!

This is the best way to get started with your Field School.

A Study Abroad Info Session will give you a general overview of how you can go abroad with International Education, including information about the Field School process. See the full schedule here.

A specific Info Session will also be held for each Field School. This is a great way to learn more about the specifics of each course and trip. See the above table to find out when each session will be held.

Overview of the Field School process

  1. Attend an Information Session.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that the field school coruse(s) will fit into your academic program.
  3. Complete and submit the application by the specific deadline. Application instructions and processes for each individual field school are outlined on each field school webpage.
  4. Confirm your acceptance in to the field school by paying the non-refundable deposit by the specified deadline.
  5. Prepare for your field school by attending all group meetings, obtaining all necessary travel documents, booking your travel as instructed, researching your host culture and country, paying the program fee deposits by the indicated deadlines, completing the academic preparation, etc.
  6. Attend the mandatory International Education Pre-Departure Orientation session,
  7. Complete the pre-departure classes and academic preparations as determined by the field school instructor.
  8. Go abroad! Learn, explore, discover, connect and travel. Be an excellent ambassador of Mount Royal University while you are abroad.
  9. Submit your experience report and complete the post field school survey by the specified deadline.
  10. Keep your international experience alive after you have returned by engaging with the international community at Mount Royal University.

Field School resources for students

Visit the Field School Resources page for links to required paperwork, documentation and the Field School Student Manual which provides important Field School information for current and potential Field School Participants.

For faculty interested in developing Field Schools

Faculty interested in developing International Field Schools should access the Field School Faculty Manual on the Opportunities for Faculty page or contact the Office of International Education for further information.


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Mount Royal University acknowledges the generous support of Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE) for providing the CAGFIL grant program.