Outbound Opportunities

Dive into this academically robust opportunity as you travel with a group of Mount Royal University faculty and students to combine experiential learning and coursework to integrate your education with your international destinations. Field Schools usually run in the spring semester and can range from 4-6 weeks, so they do not interfere with your regular program during Fall and Winter semesters.


What are Field Schools? 


Student experiences

"I have not only grown personally but also academically and professionally, as this field school has shown me doors to every situation possible and has opened my perspective to the unimaginable.” – Amanda Creig, India 2018
“The best education you will ever get is through travelling. Nothing teaches you more than stepping outside of your comfort zone, exploring the world and accumulating experiences. – Carissa Schmidtke, Iceland 2019
"This trip took a dive into the deep end with experiential learning. Every moment there was something new to learn that I could never read in a textbook.“ – Carley Polinelli, Peru 2019


Explore your options

  1. Review the list above of upcoming field schools and find one that interests you.
  2. Attend an Information Session. Each field school will offer information sessions specific to that opportunity. If you cannot attend the scheduled session(s), contact the instructor directly.


Learn more and apply

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that the field school course(s) will fit into your academic program.
  2. Before you apply for a field school, visit the web page for the field school that you are interested in. You can find information on each specific field school above in the Upcoming Field Schools section. Make sure you understand the time commitments, financial commitments, physical demands, travel rigour, and academic expectations. 
  3. Prior to applying for a field school, ensure that you have reviewed the contents below as well as the informational page for your specific trip and understand and agree to the requirements and policies. Once you formally apply to a field school opportunity, you are bound by the information below and are required to adhere to it. Failure to do so will result in the participant's termination from the field school program. Contact International Education if you have any questions


Complete and submit the application by the specific deadline. Application instructions and processes for each individual field school are outlined on each field school webpage. 

More information about the new online application process and the link to the application itself is available here.


Accepting placement

You will be notified if you have been accepted into the program. To confirm your spot, you must pay the initial program fee deposit by the deadline indicated in the field school-specific web page. Failure to make the payment by the deadline will result in your spot being given to another student. 




Email International Education if you are a faculty member interested in developing International Field Schools or a non-Mount Royal student interested in attending a Field School.