Part-Time Studies

Since 1980, the Transitional Vocational Program at Mount Royal University has been providing a variety of post-secondary programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
Summer Part-time classes will be held online July 6 - August 31, 2020.
Registration will open at 8:30 a.m. on June 2nd through a Google form on this page. We will contact students for payment in order of registration.
Click here to access the Google TVP registration form for Summer 2020. The form will be available at 8:30 on June 2nd.
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Summer 2020 (unless noted, tuition includes GST) - Refund and withdrawal policy

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CRN Dates Days Time Cost

NEW! Basic Living Skills


70286 July 7 - Aug. 20, 2020 Tue. &  Thurs. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.  FULL

Learners Licence Test Prep#


70281 July 6 - Aug. 24, 2020 Mon. & Wed. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. $25

** GST exempt

#Non-refundable registration fee (includes GST)

NEW! BASIC LIVING SKILLSLearn how to handle the demands of daily life, take care of yourself more independently, and learn steps to stay healthy. You will learn how to plan meals, budget for common expenses and get around the city. NOTE: students will participate in an online cooking component that will be led by the instructor.  

NEW! PERSONAL SAFETY : Learn how to stay safe at home, in the community and around other people. Through role-play and demonstrations, you will learn how to avoid unsafe situations and how to respond when in danger. You will learn how to develop the confidence to keep yourself safe.

MATH AND LITERACY COMBO : Improve your reading and writing skills and use appropriate technology to express your ideas. Learn math skills in numeration, learn money management skills and increase your awareness of community resources. This class runs from September to April.

COMPUTERS, TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES : This course helps you use programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, keyboarding and typing software programs. You will explore tablets and smart phones and find ways to use them in your daily life. Learn basic computer terminology, explore the accessibility features and a variety of apps in tablets and smart phones, learn to successfully and safely use the internet to search for specific information. Register and utilize a web based email program such as Gmail or Hotmail.

INTRODUCTORY COMPUTER CODING : This course will help you to better understand the computers you use in your everyday tasks. You will become familiar with computer programming concepts and terms and be introduced to code editors and online programming environments. You will have the opportunity to write computer programs. A basic knowledge of computers is required

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MUSIC : Come learn about music in the world class facilities of the Taylor Centre in the internationally renowned Mount Royal Conseervatory.

LIFE SKILLS : Acquire inter-personal, intra-personal, communication and problem solving skills. You will also gain an understanding of yourself and your actions in relation to others in the group and in a potential workplace.

LEARNERS LICENCE TEST PREP : This clear language course is for adults with developmental disabilities and will help you to prepare to write the Alberta Learner's Licence test with a higher degree of success. Find and apply information from the Alberta Driver's Guide, demonstrate safe driving techniques using models and diagrams, engage in fun and interactive learning activities, learn study skills and test taking skills, gain confidence in your knowledge of driving rules. For the Learners Licence Test Prep class, we ask that participants who have previously attended put their name on the wait list.

EATING RIGHT, LIVING RIGHT : Participate in hands on learning activities, go on an interactive tour of a grocery store with a Registered dietician and learn about healthy eating, learn from a Pharmacist about medicine use and safety, create personalized nutrition, fitness and health tools to help you achieve your goals and stay on track. NOTE: The fitness component of the class will be done virtually. Students will still participate in online fitness classes led by the instructor.

UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD TODAY : This course aims to help you make connections between current events, politics, and world geography. Your understanding of world events will increase as you become informed citizens, and be able to discuss and demonstrate understanding of current events. This class offers you the opportunity to expand social and community contacts alongside skill development. Technology is used in the class.

ALUMNI ACTIVITY GROUP : This was created to help students who have participated in the Transitional Vocational Program - either the Employment Preparation Program or part-time classes - maintain the friendships they developed while in the program, as well as to develop new friendships. The group will meet with a TVP Facilitator once a month in order to plan and carry out an activity together.

INTERNET SAFETY : This class will help you to identify potential online risks and provide you with the knowledge and tools to use the internet safely.

STANDARD FIRST AID: Fall 2020. This course will give you the opportunity to learn and practice the basic steps to follow in case of an emergency. You will focus on building your confidence in a variety of theory and practical sessions including the prevention of injuries, keeping first aiders safe, risk assessment and safety in everyday life and the workplace. Students must achieve Canadian Red Cross minimum standards in order to receive their certification.

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