TVP Registration - A step-by-step guide

Before you start

Here's a checklist of what you'll need to register. We suggest writing this information down or putting it in a document for reference.

A MyMRU account

New students

Create a login ID number and PIN.

Once you have this, you need to activate your account. You can register for courses an hour after activating your account.

Continuing students

Welcome back, nice to see you! If you've taken a course, applied for program admission or worked at Mount Royal, you have an MRU ID number.

Forgot your ID number and/or PIN? Visit our FAQ page and select How do I create my Student ID and PIN for online registration? under When You are Ready to Register tab.

Course information

☐ Course name


☐ Start date

☐ Subject code OR Subject for registration (not available on all courses)





Once you have the information outlined above, it's time to register. In the following how-to guide, look for the bold words for direction on where to click/navigate. If you have questions, please call Continuing Education's registration services at 403.440.3833 (toll-free 1.877.287.8001), 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. weekdays, or email Let's get started!

Logging in

  1. Log into and click ContEd & Conservatory in the navigation bar near the top of the screen.
    If you can't find it, please use the information above to contact our registration services.

How to register - Continuing Education - myMRU Select ContEd & Conservatory

  1. Under Registration, click the Register now button

    How to register - Continuing Education - myMRURegisterNow


Finding courses

  1. In the drop-down Search by Term, select the applicable semester (e.g. Summer 2020 Continuing Ed). Note: Some courses in the Spring Semester start in April. If you don't see the course you're looking for in the Spring Semester, please search the Winter Semester.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Select Term details
  2. Click Submit at bottom of the page.

  3. Choose the subject area(s) for the course(s) you want to register for. This information is on your checklist, but there's also a subject code guide under the image below.

    Subject code Subject for registration
    XABE TVP- Adult Basic Ed Programs
    XACC Accounting
    XADD Addiction Studies
    XADG Accessible Design
    XADM Administration
    XAED Adult Educator Series
    XAFT Film, Photography & Television
    XAIR Air Flight Training
    XASM Asset Management
    XBPR Basic Public Relations
    XBUA Business Analysis
    XCAC Computers- Accounting Programs
    XCAD Contract Administration
    XCDA Curriculum Development
    XCDB Computers- Database Programs
    XCDI Cultural Diversity
    XCDP Computers- Publishing
    XCFR Conflict Resolution
    XCGD Computers - Graphic Design
    XCIW Computers- Internet/Web Design
    XCLI TVP - Computer Literacy
    XCMH Children's Mental Health
    XCMP Community Paramedicine
    XCMT Change Management
    XCNE Cannabis Education
    XCOM Communications
    XCPS Computers-Presentation Program
    XCRG Computers-Introductory Courses
    XCRW Creative Writing
    XCSP Computers- Specialty Programs
    XCSS Computers- Spreadsheets
    XCYS Cyber Security
    XEAP Employment Assistance Program
    XEDM Emergency & Disaster Mgmt
    XEDU Education
    XENH Environmental Health
    XENM Environmental Mgmt - Business
    XENV Environmental Training
    XEPP TVP - Employment Preparation
    XEVT Event Management
    XFLD Floral Design
    XFNS Funeral Services - General
    XFOR Forensic Studies
    XHCP Health Care Professional PD
    XHHC Wellness & Holistic Health
    XIDA Interior Decorating
    XJUS Justice
    XLBM Lumber & Building Material Ind
    XLEA Leadership
    XMAG General Massage
    XMED Medical Terminology
    XMGD Management Development Series
    XMKT Marketing
    XNPC Non-Profit Management
    XNPN Neonatal & Perinatal Nursing
    XONT Online Course Tutorial
    XOOC Open Online Course
    XPRM Project Management
    XPRS Sales Training- Small Business
    XPYM Payroll Management
    XSCM Supply Chain Management
    XSDL TVP - Self Development
    XTBW Technical & Business Writing
    XTLS TVP-Life Skills
    XTVP TVP- Assessment Program
    XWIN Computers- Windows
    XWOP Computers- Word Processing
    XYGA Yoga Therapy
  4. Click Course Search at bottom of the page.



Adding/dropping courses

  1. Click View Sections for the desired course. (Double-check that the number to the left of the course name is the same as the one you wrote down on your checklist.)

  2. Select the box on the left of the section you want to register in.

  3. Are you registering for more courses?

    • Yes: Click Add to WorkSheet, go to Step 10.

    • No. Select Register and skip ahead to Step 13.

  4. You are now on the Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes page. To add more courses, click Class Search at the bottom of the page.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Class search
  5. Repeat Steps 5 - 10 for each course you'd like to register for. Once you have added all your courses, click Submit Changes.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Submit changes on Add Drop Withdraw page
  6. a. If you'd like to remove a course at this stage, simply delete the CRN from its box and click Submit Changes.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Add drop withdraw - Drop by CRN

    12 b. If you are taken to an updated Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes page, select the Drop Web in the dropdown in the action column of the course description row. Click Submit Changes at the bottom of the page to remove.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Drop web drop down

    How to register - Continuing Education - Drop web dubmit


Finalizing course selection

Once you have selected all your courses, you will be on the Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes page. Select Submit Changes at the bottom of the page.

  1. An updated Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes page will show your Current Schedule. All good? Go to Step 14. If you need to drop a course, follow instructions in Step 12 b. then go to Step 14.


Ready to pay

  1. When you have your courses selected and have completed any registration changes, click Pay Fees By Credit Card at the bottom of the page. You must pay all Continuing Education fees owing or your course registration(s) will be cancelled without notice.

  2. Follow the instructions at the top of the Pay by Credit Card page, including turning off any pop-up blockers. Once you are ready, click Pay By Credit Card.

    How to register - Continuing Education - Pay by credit card
  3. Fill out the fields on the Secure Credit Card Payment page. Once complete, click Complete Payment. Alternatively, click Cancel to stop the process.

    How to register - Continuing Education - MiraPay Screenshot


You're done!

Your registration is complete. Visit our Student Information page for instructions on how to check your Mount Royal email account, access learning supports (such as our free online course tutorial) and more. Thank you for being part of the Mount Royal community. We look forward to supporting you in achieving your goals.